Sunday, January 1, 2017

"Rivalry" from the upcoming children's book entitled "SAFARI" by Robert Osagie

Long time ago in the jungle, the lion was the king of the entire animal population. It was rumoured that the lion’s breath could kill a dove. Yet, he was a good ruler and the whole animal loved him. The animals were happy and had everything they could ever hope for. They had food and shelter. No animal was permitted to kill another. There was peace. It was forbidden to kill another animal and the penalty was death. Misunderstandings were resolved amicably without the shedding of blood.
While the animals lived peacefully, the Sky and the Earth were good friends. One evening, the Sky visited the Earth. He brought gifts and ice cream. There was a faint knock on the door.
“Who is that?” asked the Earth. He rose from the bed and sat up. He was about to put the day behind him.
“Who do you think?” said a tiny voice, laughing. He pushed the door opened and walked into the house. His presence lit up the house and it almost blinded the Earth. “Good evening, my friend,” Sky greeted.
The Earth rose to his feet. He managed to reach the Sky. He fell on him and gave him a million embraces. “Long time, no see. I am surprised to see you today. You look good. How is life?”
“Nice,” the Sky laughed. “You cannot be up there with the heavenly people and be poor!”
“You are right,” Earth nodded in agreement. He lowered his head and glanced at his friend’s hand. “What is that?”
“Ice cream for you,” Sky smiled. He dropped the meal on the table.
Earth offered him seat in the extreme. Once they sat down, he grabbed the ice cream from the table and smelt it. “Great! It smells like the gate of heaven!” He glanced up at his friend, “What are we waiting for? Let us have fun!”
“I have had enough today. It’s all yours,” Sky answered.
The Sky grabbed a scroll from the heap by his corner. He turned few pages. The work seemed interesting. He fixed his gaze upon it and began to read as the Earth devoured the ice cream. Not long after, the Earth raised his head, “Your ice cream is nice!” He licked his lips as he sends the last of the meal down his throat. “Please, make sure you bring gifts each time you visit.”
“Sure. What are friends for?” said the Sky. “I would give more if I have my way.” He placed the book aside and sat up.
Grinning from ear to ear, the Earth said, “You are really enjoying.”
“Yes, I am a fortunate soul!” The Sky cleared his throat. “Can you believe that they bring me greetings and sing my praise every morning for my goodness to them?” the Sky said, simpering.
“Who?” Scratching his head, the Earth stared at the big blue Sky.
“The people under your nose. All of them think I am the greatest of all God’s creation,” replied the Sky. He placed his hands together and laughed gleefully.
The Earth masked his anger with a smile. “Is that what you think?” he threw out a question.
“Yes, oh yes. They said everyone depend on my good will,” Sky revealed. “Look at your environment. My light filled your house immediately I set foot. I wonder how you will be without me. You will be wrapped in darkness!”
The Earth straightened his chin and swallowed hard. His face went red with rage. “You can say whatever you like,” he frowned. “But I know that I am the reason plants grow. The animals know who the best is. They live under my roof. I can kill them by the mere wave of the hand but I am not wicked. Every life here depends on my generosity. At my age, I don’t need to blow my trumpet!”
The Sky inhaled sharply. “To prove my point, I will leave at once. We shall see whether you can light up your world. Goodbye.” He rose to his feet and stormed out of the house. He was in a hurry and did not bother to slam the door behind him.
Earth watched him mixed with the clouds. Once the Sky was gone, the Earth could barely see beyond his nose. He managed to secure his door.

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