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Thursday, June 17, 2021

MOTIVATIONAL TONIC: The Greatest of all Time By Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Nobody conquers the world alone. You are expected to fit into a system before you can considerably effect any change. If you don’t fit in nicely, there are chances that you may never make it. A winner is the fellow that carefully engages every necessary tool at his disposal to achieve extra ordinary things. A star is born only when he does what is right and not what he likes.

Nothing happens by chance. The more time you spend trying to push for change, the more likely you are going to win. The world reverberates around beautiful people. Don’t get exhausted being you because it is your ticket to greatness. Challenges only draw the fellow who can bend any circumstance to his favor to his goal and not away from it.

Spend more time on your talent and make sure you are efficient. It is a foundation to which great things are laid. It is easy to build a future around a talent. Since it is natural, you will easily flow. Push for great things by pushing yourself hard enough. No weakling has ever emerged a conqueror. If he survives to see the rising sun, he may never see the setting sun. Guard your talent jealously. If this foundation is broken, your future will be threatened.

          Set your eyes on the goal. It is true that miracles do happen but it is more likely going to happen to the man that is prepared. The good thing is that you do not need a certificate to develop a winning mentality. It takes discipline to be the best.  Once you are able to sustain the momentum, there are chances that you will achieve your goal.

          Many negative things do happen on the path to greatness. So don’t fear when you suffer. It is part of the process. It is an essential part of the journey. Frustration is part of your success story. Take them on board and bend any circumstance to your favor.

Nothing is more rewarding like having the right attitude. In the game of life, attitude is everything. Cultivate a good attitude and it will sustain you. When there is a lifting, it is attitude that sustains it. As you know, if you want to survive public life, you must hide your imperfections. By being circumspect, you are deliberately creating a beautiful image for yourself. Your survival depends on how well you can play your role in this ever changing world.

          You suffer more significantly if you run away from your challenges. Sometimes, there are no guarantee that solving any problem will bring instant success. You just have to get the job done irrespective of where it will lead you. One thing is certain, a problem solved leaves you with wealth of experience.

          Nobody becomes great by standing aloof. You have to be involved in the process of getting the best out of your life from the start to the finish. You must be ready to sacrifice for your own good even when you are not sure of winning. The lesser you think about winning, the higher your chances of becoming a loser.

          In the game of life, failure is not final. What you must not do is to remain trapped in the corridors of hell. You can run but you cannot hide. The problems you refuse to confront will mess you up. Get yourself out of the hole and celebrate your greatness. Start today by consciously taking the right decision to fix your problems.

          One easy way to start the journey of greatness is to identify with successful people. Tag along with them and learn how they got to the top. These things don’t happen overnight. Greatness is achieved overtime. Nobody succeed in isolation. Get all the help you can. Learn from successful people. Get in touch with the light that is higher than you for help. The truth shall set you free.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

EXCERPT: From the Work in Progress "FLIRTS IN THE CITY" by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren


Cry like a Gay by
Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Frank glanced about as if something was odd. Jim was not in a hurry to zip up his trousers. Frank sauntered slowly to Jim. He placed the luggage on the chair, crossed his hands over his body and faced him. Jim leaned on the table, smiling.

Frank wore a frown because he wasn’t impressed with his partner. “What is wrong with you? Are you out of your mind?” he asked Jim, angrily.

“No,” Jim answered, simpering. He threw his hands open. “As you can see, I’m good.”

Frank was not satisfied with the response. His eyes scanned the office for one last time. Then he turned to Jim as if he had bite off more than he could chew. “What is going on here?” he asked Jim. His eyes fixed on the trousers that hung loosely to Jim’s waist.

Jim flashed an exaggerated smile at him, he said, “I was horny. Your phone was switched off. I thought you were not going to come, so I decided to masturbate and get the pressure off my shoulder. Is that a bad idea?” Jim slipped his right hand in his pants and softly squeezed his dick.

Frank felt a little embarrassed. He stared at the slight bulge that he thought was going to come out of the bag and swallowed hard. This was strange, he had never seen his lover act this way. He managed to keep his sanity and said, “Since you did not see me, you thought it was wise to unzip your trousers and masturbate in the open. Why do you have the rest room?”

“I had no choice. I was burning and could not help it.

“You forgot this is your office,” Frank interjected. “Anyone could walk in. How will explain this to them?”

“I am not expecting any customer.” He took out his hand from the trousers. His dick was left to cool off in the bag because the service of the poor soul was not needed for now.

“That is not an excuse. What do you think will happen if someone sees you like this?”

Jim glanced at his wristwatch and shook his head. “Stop feeling insecure. Nothing will happen, Frank. It is 6 pm and I am closed for the day. I wasn’t expecting anyone except you.” He smiled at him. “Common, stop whining and give me a hug!”

“Sometimes, you do things that send the wrong signal.”

“I know. I am a human being. Sometimes I can be erratic. Isn’t that why you love me? I’ve heard you say that I am different and that is why you always want to be with me.”

Frank only hesitated a second before crawling onto Jim’s arm. He leaned forward and kissed Frank and he kissed him back. They stood there kissing and kissing with Jim’s hands running slowly up into his hair and down over his thick shoulders and along his strong arms. Jim pulled his shirt and exposed a hard nipple. When Frank pressed his lips to the hard nub, Jim shuddered in ecstasy, arching for more stimulation.

Frank pulled away, “You know I’m traveling tonight. I cannot afford to spend much time with you. I am already missing you, though.”

“It’s alright. I understand.”

“Please, forgive me. I guess I was a bit harsh,” Frank touched his face and rubbed his chin slightly. “May be I was jealous or something...”

“I forgive you, Frank.”

“Thank you,” he stroked Jim gently on the head. “You said you were horny.”

“Eh hen,” Jim answered, cocking his head slowly.

Frank inhaled sharply. “Whatever you want to do, please be quick. I don’t want to miss the bus again tonight.”

“Okay. I will try.”

“May be I should work on you first. I need you to enjoy every bit of me before I leave.” Slowly, standing at the foot of the table, Frank began unzipping his trousers. He pulled down the boxer and took out Jim’s cock. He squeezed it softly. Gradually he went down and took it in his mouth. Jim tried to move but it felt as if his body were tied down by invisible threads.  He felt himself growing bigger and harder inside his mouth. His tongue was long and soft and seemed to wrap itself around him. Just as Jim was about to come, Frank suddenly moved away. He rose to his feet and began to slowly undress Jim. Frank took off Jim’s jacket, his tie, his pants, his shirt and underwear.

Jim helped Frank to undo his shirt, button by button, taking his time. He pulled Frank’s trousers down before tipping him onto the table. He took the cream on the table. He applied it on his dick, in Frank’s hole and slipped his finger in. His fingers were all but in. As he held his butt and pulled in and out tenderly, Frank loved the sweet sensation. He glanced over his shoulders, panting and waiting for Jim to get the show on the road.

Jim took his own cock clumsily in his hand, Frank slightly opened his legs and he gently glided it into his hole. Frank’s skin was extra sensitive everywhere, he felt everything. 

Jim grinned devilishly as he pulled back and forth. As he pressed his thigh, Frank shuddered in ecstasy.

Jim’s erection grew larger and harder. He felt he was about to burst wide open. It was the strangest sensation, something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. It felt as if something inside of him, something special inside him, were slowly working its way through his organs into his. 

“Oh, baby!” Frank panted and moaned aloud as he faced the wall. “You are sweet! I will miss this!”

“I love you. I will miss you too!”  Jim cried.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth had washed herself clean, quietly she dressed up and was ready to damn the consequence. She decided it was time to go home irrespective of the fact that Frank was actually not her uncle but her boyfriend and he lives under her roof. Her decision to show up could cause misunderstanding between them but she doesn’t care.

She slightly opened the door and tossed out her head. She looked here and there and did not see anyone. The men were at the other side of the office. She could hear music play and someone moaning in the background. She moved to the corner to catch a glimpse of what was going on down there. She need to make sure the coast was clear before heading out of the office. It was safer to leave the office without Frank seeing her. It would save her the stress of explaining herself to him. She had already lied to Jim that Frank was her uncle. Jim would have to live with it. For peace to reign, things had got to stay that way. Any wrong move would cause problems and could leave her relationship with both men in jeopardy.

She moved on silent feet to the wall and glanced at the direction that the commotion had come. She saw Jim and Frank having sex. Jim was completely naked and Frank was at the receiving end of his massive dick. The same penis that she gave blowjob. Frank leaned with his belly on the table and faced the wall as Jim rammed him repeatedly from behind.

Jim gazed in her direction as if he expected her to have left the showers long before now. She could see the writing on the wall that she had over stayed her welcome. Her eyes and mouth were widened in surprise as she covered her mouth with her hand. It was the last thing she had expected to see. Her thought was not relevant now. She cannot really do much because she wasn’t innocent too.

Jim knew there could be fatalities if Frank got wind of this. So he signaled her to leave at once as he drilled his partner on the table. Elizabeth was too disappointed as she just stood there, watching the men having sex. Jim signaled her again to move away quickly.

Elizabeth hesitated a second. She swallowed hard and then slowly moved away. She reached for the door, quietly threw it open. She glanced at them for one last time and her eyes and those of Jim met. She went out of the office and slowly slammed the door behind her. She stood outside of the office and leaned on the wall. She could hear Frank moaning and groaning under the weight of his lover. It was a lost battle. She shook her head and walked away.

As Elizabeth walked home, at intervals she glanced at the office. The boyfriend, Frank, that she thought was innocent was also cheating on her. She could not believe it but there was nothing she could do. She had been entangled. 

Frank was oblivious of the fact that his girlfriend had seen him having sex with another partner. If she had raised her voice, the situation would have likely spiraled out of control. They are birds of a feather. 

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Sunday, May 23, 2021

EXCERPT: Saving Madam Lucy by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

It was pitch darkness and movement on the street had completely died down. So rodents were having a field day on the outside world. Lurking in the dark were hungry top hunters of the feline population, Blaize, Dag and Fred. The cats were quietly plotting how the poor rodents would become their meals for the night. Opportunities like this don’t come too often. So Blaize and his friends were not ready to allow it slip.

Out of the belly of the quiet night, emerged a van. Possibly, a fourteen seated passenger bus, which rolled slowly into the street and pulled up in the front of the building where the cats were having a meeting. Before they could snatch a breath from the wings of the night, the doors of the van were thrown open and hefty figures with a woman alighted from the van.

In the last few hours, they have been moving the woman from one location to another to frustrate any attempt by the police or security agents to track them.

Her hands were bound to the back. She tried to shove virtually every hand that was laid on her off as the men dragged her to the building. The sound of the vehicle had scared the rats and rodents back into their holes, leaving only Blaize and his friends to witness the terror under the watchful eyes of the quiet night. This wasn’t a welcome development for the poor cats because their potential source of dinner had just evaporated into the thin air. They will need to strategize again and come up with something substantial if they are to feed tonight. With the rats and rodents out of the menu for the time being, there are hardly any assurances of a decent meal anywhere in the neighborhood. A long night is on the horizon. Tough times don’t last. Tough cats do!

However, Blaize recognized the woman. She was Mrs. Lucy, priest Valdin’s wife. “I know that woman!” he told his friends.

           “Are you sure?” Dag probed nonchalantly, gazing at the men.

          “Yes,” replied Blaize. He nodded his head almost a million times.

          “Sometimes, hunger could make people say something silly,” Dag said.

          Blaize laughed. “I know that I am hungry but I am not joking. I know her. She is my former master’s wife!” Blaize said. “I can bet my life on it that she is Madam Lucy!”

          “Madam Lucy? She should be in her husband’s house by now,” Dag frowned. “What is she doing with those guys in such an unholy hour?”

          “Can’t you see that her hands were tied? Something is not right here,” Blaize stated.

Fred moved nearer to his friends. Thrusting his face forward, he said, “Blaize, don’t be too emotional. Some humans are terrible.”

“I know,” muttered Blaize. “But something is wrong here.”

“I am happy you know,” said Fred. “The woman looks like someone that was kidnapped because she is not a familiar visitor to that house. She doesn’t live there. I am a frequent visitor to that house. So I know virtually everyone around there. That was why I said some humans are terrible. Look at the way they are dragging the poor woman. It doesn’t look good. What offence would a woman commit that is so grievous that the law cannot handle or that will prompt these men to drag her about? If she is a criminal, she shouldn’t be here. She should be in a prison. For crying out loud, that house is not a police station and these men don’t look like police officers. I have always suspected the compound. So frustrating to go hunting there. Always deserted and I hardly find any decent meal there each time I scale the fence to find food. These things are not coincidence. I might be wrong but it looks like a red flag.”

Blaize and Dag exchanged glances. Then Blaize scratched his hindquarter slowly. “Fred could be right. We must find out if she was kidnapped or not before we decide what to do,” Blaize suggested. “I cannot assume that they kidnapped her yet because of my past experience. I have seen many things in this life. Some are too bad that I can’t even talk about them. For instance, Dr Pepper’s wife used to come home with her boyfriend each time her husband traveled. You need to hear the kind of things she say to her boyfriend about the husband. Terrible words from a house wife. These things have made me have broader view about life. People can be funny. We need to properly investigate this matter before we can conclude that she was kidnapped.”

“I don’t understand you, Blaize. From the little that I know of your former master, he was a priest. Are you saying Valdin’s wife is flirting around?” Fred inquired. “I beg to disagree. The scene that just played out before us is not of a woman in a romantic relationship with the men. The woman looks troubled. She is in bondage and needs help. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that!”

“Don’t get me wrong, Fred. I am only trying to approach the matter with an open mind and caution. The world is a small place. Anybody can change,” Blaize explained.

“That is true,” Dag said and swallowed hard. “Only change is constant. However, just as Baize had suggested, we must get to the root of this before we jump into conclusion that she was kidnapped,” Dag commented. “So what do we do?” He turned to his friends.

          “We are not going to do anything about it. It is not our fight.” Fred yawned. “I am hungry. I came here to hunt for food. When have we become the police?” Fred asked his friends. “I will suggest we mind our business. Pretend as if we never saw this incident. Kidnappers are deadly. To make the matter worse, we are mere cats. Engaging them is like walking on the highway to hell.”

          “No doubt, Fred,” stated Blaize. “But we can still find out if she was truly kidnapped or not without getting into harm’s way.”

          “How?” Dag asked. He fixed a glance on the men as they dragged the agonized woman into the house and slammed the door behind them.

Blaize turned to Dag. “That woman and my master’s wife have a striking resemblance. To clear my doubt, we need to visit Priest Valdin’s house now.”

           “Going there is not the problem. How do we get into Valdin’s house?” Dag asked.

          “That’s not a problem either. We were two cats in that house before I was given to Dr Pepper,” Blaize disclosed.

          “Yes!” Dag interjected. “I remember you told me that it was his wife that told Priest Valdin to give you out to that cruel Dr Pepper!”

          “Yes, she did. But all that is history now,” Blaize replied, almost close to tears. “It is the past now and I have learnt to live with it.”

          “What do you mean?” Fred asked. “What kind of creature are you Blaize? You worry about people who do not care about you. Dr Pepper cast you into this hunger stricken world because you could not kill a rat, forgetting how many you had walked into silence under his nose. Priest Valdin’s wife was the architect of your misfortune. She made you a low life fellow by prompting her husband to give you to Dr Pepper. Today, she is presumably in trouble and you are breaking your head over it!”

          Blaize took a deep breath. “I know exactly what you are talking about, Fred. I hardly think about my pains because it might hinder me from doing what is right. What will it profit me if I watch this woman die at the hands of these kidnappers? Do you value life? If you do, you won’t pay evil for evil. It is important we help people,” Blaize said and began to move away. “Contrary to your opinion, Madam Lucy did not know that Dr Pepper was a bad man. She only helped the man by giving me to him. I was to solve Dr Pepper’s problems by killing every rat in his house. It was not her fault that I failed to kill the rat that robbed me of my place in Dr Pepper’s house. And it is not her fault that Dr Pepper treated me badly. Be careful the way you condemn people. Priest Valdin’s wife was innocent. If you say Dr Pepper was cruel to me, I will understand!” Blaize came down from the rooftop. He faced the street and began to move quickly away. “Condemning the poor woman, doesn’t make any sense!”

          “Blaize, wait. Where are you going?” Dag inquired.

“I am going to Priest Valdin’s house,” Blaize sounded from a distance as he raced down the street. “I need to find out if Madam Lucy is at home!”

          Dag came down from the building and ran after Blaize. Fred had no choice but to reluctantly join his friends.


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Book Review: My Walk on the Aikido Path: A Healing Journey of Self Discovery by Rachel Kling


Developing an identity is what defines who we are. “My Walk on the Aikido Path” by Rachel Kling is an enthralling journey of healing, self-discovery and complete understanding of herself. To bridge the gap between finding complete happiness and reaching the top, this book is the vehicle for aspiration, connection and compassion.

The author made valid points about healing. Aikido as an art is authentic. Like most genuine practices, it brings satisfaction and cast out doubt. It teaches us that the quality of our lives is bound up with the quality of our relationships and that we exist in relation to others.

I find this book interesting because it gives me an insight into how I should react to situations because our choices impart the entire human community. “Rather than fight, or try to harm the aggressor, nage creates an opportunity to choose connection over contention.”

Aikido is all about relationships, connections, compassion, protection, peace, harmony and love. When we choose to practice Aikido, we choose to practice these principles.

Rachel Kling is a lifelong writer, an Aikido practitioner of 20 years, and began her career as a psychotherapist when she graduated from Saint Michael’s College with a clinical psychology degree in 2016. She has a Master’s Degree of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia University.

She received her black belt in aikido in 2011, and has a daily practice of misogi, a form of spiritual purification. Her practice of misogi jo, helps her to connect with nature and her own spirituality, open her heart, clear her mind, and live in the world in an empowered way.

My Walk on the Aikido Path is a must read for those who intend to secure victory for humanity. To accept good advice is but to increase one’s own ability.


“Everything we do, every choice we make, can set us further along the path of self-discovery and healing and has far-reaching consequences we may never anticipate or even realize.”


If you enjoyed the review, you can visit Amazon or her website to purchase the book.


Reviewed by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren.


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Saturday, May 1, 2021

REVIEW ALERT: Literary Tic Tok of Animals.

I never thought of at this age reading a book where the animal, in this case cats, takes on real human feelings and emotions. In a way it is kind of funny. One point in reading this book, I could see the animals talking, drinking, and taking on real human attributes.

This book is an anthology. The stories within these pages are well rounded. You can have a solid beginning, middle, and end in each one. Every story has some type of meaning or thought that the author is trying to get across. The story of Forgiveness took the spotlight for me. In this very short but to the point story gives a great example on how forgiveness should be granted and how all in the situation can walk away stronger and better than they came in.

I am a big fan of short stories. These short stories are good quality stories with an antidote. This is the first time that I have ever encountered this. The illustrations in the book are very good also. There is a great companionship shown between the stories and illustrations. They are vibrant and full of color. With the story that I chose as my favorite, Forgiveness, I could see the entire story in the illustration. Great job Omoruyi Uwuigiaren!

Reviewed by Patrice


Dag and the other cats made their way down the silent street in an effort to find the second course of their dinner. Unconcerned, they strolled down Maxwell Street, the home of Flinz, a notorious cat who was feared by the entire feline population of the city. It was rumored that Flinz’s breath could kill a dove!

Maxwell Street lay in the belly of discomfort, and its ugliness was there for all eyes to see. The streetlights were dim; they had seen better days. The buildings, too, were swimming in the pool of old age and begging for renovation. Parts of the old street were overrun with rats and mice—meals that poor Dag and friends would normally have found promising but tonight lay beyond their reach and strength. 

          The cats were tired from their long walk, so they rested a short distance from a shopping mall, which housed the finest buildings on the old street. But just as they settled down, Flinz emerged from behind a cracked old fence and stole past Dag and the others. He dashed into the mall, almost unnoticed, to commit what had earned him the nickname ‘the notorious cat’. After a few minutes inside the mall, Flinz found some groceries on a shelf and lost his balance trying to reach the food. Blaize was the first to be alerted. “What’s that?” he asked with a grimace.

            Dag raised his head and glanced about. “I don’t know.” His voice revealed his caution.

            Fred cleared his throat and said, “It could be a thief!” He exchange glances with the others.

            “You may be right,” said Blaize. “Let’s go see who the criminal is,” he suggested, and faced the mall with a good speed. The other cats followed, flinging glances in every direction to make sure that no one was on their trail. As soon as they got to the mall, Blaize signaled his friends to stop. Before they could blink, Blaize climbed up to one of the half-open windows and peered inside. There was Flinz, feasting on the groceries! A ray of anger flushed over Blaize’s face. Returning to his friends, he reported, “We have an enemy in there!”

            “Who?” Dag probed, simpering.

            “It’s Flinz!” Blaize replied.

            “Who is Flinz?” asked Pork.

            “Flinz lives on the street that leads to the train station. It is said that he once ate an animal that had been sacrificed by humans, and is now immersed in a pool of misfortune. After losing his fine attributes, he withdrew from public life and became a terror to the people.”

            “What a pity. Life is no bed of roses!” Dag said, and turned to go.

            “No! We must fight him!” Blaize proclaimed. “The wicked soul killed my brother after they had a heated argument over a piece of meat in the market square. And I have vowed to avenge my brother’s death. There is no better time to do so than this beautiful night. Then my brother’s death will have had a purpose!”

            Dag now recalled the sad story. “Yes, I remember. Wasn’t it the cat you told me about that lived in the train station?”

            “Yes!” Blaize responded. “And that was four days ago.”

            Then Pork offered a jewel of advice: “You’d best forget about Flinz and mind your business. I don’t think vengeance is the way to handle this issue.”

            Blaize reacted, “Check my face and read my lips, and you will see that nothing can stop me tonight, Pork. My brother cannot have died for nothing!”

            “Pork is right,” Dag interjected. “We came here to find a befitting meal for the night, not to battle. Don’t allow this issue into your head, my friend.” The elderly cat pulled Blaize to his side.

            Blaize shoved him off. “You don’t know how it hurts to lose a brother. My brother was my best friend and was everything to me.” Tears gathered in his eyes as Blaize moved away. Before Dag and the other cats could make a move, Blaize had disappeared through the window and was received by the treachery inside the mall.

            There was a momentary silence as Blaize advanced to the corner where Flinz was having a one-cat party. Red with rage, Blaize shouted, “You are a wicked soul, and your madness ends today!”

            Raising his head, Flinz cleared his throat as a queer look paraded over his face, “Why call me such a name on a cold night, my poor friend?”

            “I see that you have forgotten that you killed my brother!”

Flinz pushed his meal to one side, and tried to recall who the fellow was, but he could not remember. So he fixed his gaze on Blaize: “I have no memory for an ugly past. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Who exactly is your brother?”

“Don’t tell me that you have forgotten the fellow you slew at the market square some months ago!”

“Oh, yes… Now I remember. But it is one of those things. Brother killing brother and so forth,” Flinz replied unrepentantly and went back to his meal.

“I have vowed to avenge my brother’s death.”

After swallowing a lump, Flinz replied, “You don’t have to announce it. Let your actions speak for you. But I will advise you to refrain from vengeance, because it is not in our power to take life.”

“But you killed my brother!”

“Yes. But I never wanted to. He refused to let me have my way. And that was why I sent him to the silent world. Now, please go away. Sometimes I lose my temper and find myself going against my nature in circumstance such as this one.”

“No! I refuse to leave!” The arched back and bristling fur demonstrated Blaize’s aggression; his tail was confidently upright and his rear stood firm, while the front of his body retreated and his fur stood straight up to make him look bigger than he actually was. He was certainly ready to give Flinz a good fight.

Flinz chuckled. “So you want to fight me? Do not add your death to this tragedy, my friend. Leave here!” Flinz ordered. He crouched low, not ready to submit, with chin tucked in, ears turned to show their backs and whiskers forwarded and ready to face the threat.

Blaize started the fight with a fierce blow that caught Flinz on the neck. But just as he pressed his advantage, and no eye was watching, he made a slash across the cat’s right cheek and some whiskers were lost. Blaize let out with an agonized cry as they shared blows from one end of the store to the other. However, it was only a matter of time before the advantage shifted to Flinz, and Blaize tasted frustration that night. Flinz had left Blaize devastated, then dashed out of the mall and raced towards the train station for all he was worth. Before Blaize could even blink, his enemy was gone.

Not long after, Dag, Pork and Fred rushed to the scene where Blaize had received the beating of his life. Dag was the first to speak. “Where is Flinz?”

Blaize pointed towards the train station and managed to croak, “There!” There was no strength left in him.

Pork and Fred tried to give chase, but before they could get out of the mall, Flinz had disappeared into thin air. With darkness hanging around the corner, and disappointment taking its toll, they shook their heads in disbelief and returned to the store. As a matter of fact, Blaize had yet to shrug off the injury he’d suffered at the hands of Flinz. “You were not prepared for the fight, Blaize.” Pork said.

That much was true. Later, they could discuss how to cut the bully down to size, but for now Dag helped the injured Blaize to his feet. “We must leave now,” said Dag. But just as they made for the window that was halfway open, they were alarmed by a strange sound from the street. “What’s that?” Pork took cover behind one of the shelves.

“Sssh! Keep your voice low,” Dag warned as, one after another, they scaled the window only to witness a bizarre occurrence that was taking place under the gloomy eyes of the silent night. On the street was a man being mobbed by a crowd of people. One after another they rained down their clubs upon the man until at last he lay gasping and choking. His head rolled to one side as life itself faded from his lips. After the assault was over, and after all the belongings of the dead man had been placed in the pockets of his assailants, the mob disappeared into the night.

“What have they done?” Pork inquired incredulously.

“Can’t you see that they just beat a man dead?” Blaize replied.

Dag shook his head in dismay. “What a wicked world! Humans do not value life as we do. No cat I know could be that brutal!”

But Blaize had something different to say: “What about Flinz? Is there any difference between that scoundrel and the mob?”

“Flinz is a bad example, and his days are numbered,” Dag replied with a frown.

“I hope so,” Blaize mumbled.

Fred sighed. “I’m not so sure that the man is dead…”

“Nor am I,” Pork said. “We are too far away to assume that he has gone to meet his ancestors.”

“Let’s go and see if he is still alive,” Dag said, and led the cats to the street where the man lay in a pool of his own blood. Once they reached the scene, they were sad to see that the man had indeed walked into silence. Dag said, “This is not good. I know this man. He lives at the end of this street. I wonder why he’s come home so late today.”

“That is not the issue, Dag. No one has the right to take his life. Like every citizen of this land, each man has the right to freedom of movement,” Fred stated.

“Whatever kept him out late must have been important,” Blaize said.

“Only God knows. If humans would take security seriously, this man would have returned unharmed to his house,” Pork said. He sighed a long sigh.

 A momentary silence hung in the air as the cats stared at the poor soul. Not long after, thunder crashed in the sky and it began to rain. “I’ve heard enough for today,” Dag announced and walked away. The elderly cat climbed the roof of one of the buildings and disappeared. The other cats knew that venturing further into the treacherous night was not the best idea, so they followed the path of their old friend.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

MOTIVATIONAL TONIC: Ordinary Woman With an Excellent Spirit


Written by 

Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

If you have Jesus Christ but you lack the will to survive, you are of all men most miserable.

If everything you see is defeat, you can never achieve any feat.

Draw strength from her misfortune.

Amputated at 11.

Left alone to fend for herself in a treacherous city like Lagos.

You have no excuse if you have hands and feet and still fail.

You will be held responsible for everything that happens to you.

This is an ordinary woman with an excellent spirit.

The leg was off but her spirit was on.

She is an example of snatching victory at the jaws of defeat.

Work even when the conditions are not right.


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Tough Times Don't Last. 

Tough people Do

Monday, April 12, 2021


 Written by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Your name carries too much weight. Those who want you out of the way, cannot lift you.

They will try to hurt you.

If you believe that you are a champion, you are a champion.

As the number one prophet of your life, be positive even at the jaws of defeat.

Celebrate your greatness!

Go to the best restaurant in town, buy yourself some bottles of drink and celebrate yourself.

You don't need anybody's validation to celebrate your victory.

Celebrate even when you are failing because there is nothing as dangerous as being overwhelmed.

Surviving hard times, requires the right spirit.

Treat yourself as the best.

Call yourself a god!

You can never conquer without loving yourself.


 Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

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MOTIVATIONAL TONIC: Tough Times Don't Last. Tough People Do

 Written by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Be brave.

Don't be scared.

When you wake up tomorrow, be brave and give thanks to God.

On my way to the bank to sort out an issue, I saw a man around Lagos State University. He stood by the road, eating sand.

Only God knows what happened to him. But I am not surprised. We are in a small world where the desire to make money overnight is paramount.

I nearly filmed him but my conscience will not let me. To me, it is an offence to hurt a fellow that is vulnerable and may not know what he is doing.

It is a wicked world. We have to be careful.

Be patient.

Don't hate yourself if you are not doing well. Stay focused and aim for the stars.

Don't take a short cut because there are no short cuts to greatness.

Wait for your time.

Work hard.

Work smartly.

Life is in phases and men are in sizes.

Wait for your time.

Most likely, your present state is someone's prayer point and prayer request.

That is life.

Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

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Omoruyi Uwuigiaren