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Ruyi's World of Books & Stories Author Interview with Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire

Q. How would you describe yourself? 

I feel I’m a down to earth person who is looking to explore a hidden talent.  I’m also keen on showing the world that software engineers can be creative as they have a perception of being geeky/nerdy.

Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them. 

I have had certain troubles and experiences in finding love and had to overcome various hurdles to achieve my ambitions in life.  I wanted to share my thoughts on how to handle disappointments in life, what to do when you achieve your ambitions, staying hungry and what it means to love someone.  I’m hoping that my first book Love, War and Glory: Spoken Words for All Seasons will inspire people to not give in and offer encouragement regardless of what stage they are at in life.

Q. What place does writing hold in your life, how has been your writing journey so far? 

I have always enjoyed writing but because of my career and where my life took me I never had the chance to explore it further.  Then the opportunity arose to write my first book.

Q. What is your writing process, a typical writing day routine?

I don’t have a typical process.  I have always written when the ideas and imagination have flowed.  I always tend to write from my heart.

Q. What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you? 

Blogger sites such as yours, book reviews and reaching to people.  There have been numerous occasions when I have been on the train or out and about handing out flyers, speaking to people about my book and people have bought the book off me or on Amazon straight away.

Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it? 

Being able to have a connection to the author and/or the subject matter of the book.

Q. What's the most moving or affecting thing a reader has said to you? 

A lot of the people who have read my book have said they felt like I was having a conversation with them.  In addition they felt they could relate to the topics I bought up. Which I really appreciated as that is exactly what I was trying to do.

Q. What are your favourite three books, and why? 

Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare as I felt the book was ahead of it’s time. Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dalh as I respected the ingenuity of Mr Fox.  I’m also enjoying Into the Vault: Fighting the battle for your heart as it was written by a friend of mines called Tolu Adesina.  It’s a very brave book and she really let her heart out with it.

Q. Who are your favourite three authors and what do you like the most about them?

Roald Dalh because he gave me a lot of childhood memories. William Shakespeare as I felt his work was ahead of it’s time.  I will also include Isaac  Asimov as I did enjoy his I Robot series.

Q. Tell us about the books that you are currently writing and their progress.

My next book is a fiction book that visits the story of slavery and explores what it would take to eliminate it from history.  It will also be the first book under my own publishing imprint/name called Akinster Books.

Q. What challenges do you think are faced by writers, what's the worst thing about the book industry according to you?

How to market themselves and build a reader list is I think an authors biggest challenge.  If you are self published you probably won’t have the resources to use platforms such as T.V so that is another challenge.  In addition I feel there are quite a few companies that take advantage of an author’s dream and extort money from them for very little return.  Also authors tend to focus on writing the book and not how to market/promote it something that I learned the hard way.  If you look at industries such as movies they don’t just release a film they have at least a 3 to 4 month building block to promote it.  Authors need to do exactly the same with their books and leverage pre sale to get exposure and interest.

Q. Apart from writing, what goals do you want to achieve in life?

In my day job I am a software engineer.  I have ambitions to further myself in that craft.  Mainly I just want to be able to happy and be able to look after my family when the time comes.

Q. What message do you want to share with budding writers? 

Pick up your pen/laptop and start writing.  However writing is the easy part.  Marketing and promotion is the challenge.  Start that early.

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The Promised Land is a Unique and well Analysed Story of the Journey of Moses written by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Moses was a great leader. God asked him to lead the people of Israel to the Promised Land. On their way home, the people cried out for water because they were very thirsty and some were fainting. There was no well or river around that they could get water. All they could see were rocks! As the cry for water grew, Moses took his brother Aaron and they went to a corner. They fell on their knees and prayed to God for help.
God heard Moses and his brother and He came down to meet them. “Moses, I have heard your prayers. Gather the people and speak to the rock. The rock will give water, which will be enough for the people and their livestock to drink. Is that clear?”
“Yes, my lord,” Moses bowed his head gently.
God smiled down at them and moved into a shadow.
Moses rose to his feet. He grabbed his rod with an iron grip and swallowed hard. Rather than stay happy for his prayers that was answered, a ray of anger flushed over his face. It was easy to tell why he was angry. He was frustrated by the unbelief of the people.
Aaron was with him and they went back to the people. Angry, Moses said to them, “You rebels, why cry over little things? Must you drink water from the rock?” Before the people could say a word, Moses raised his rod and hit the rock two times with it. Water came out of the rock. The people and their animals drank and they were happy. While everyone including Moses drank to their fill, God watched them sadly from His corner. Moses did not do what he was asked to do.
While the people drank water from the rock as if there was no tomorrow, God looked on in anger because nobody said “thank you” to Him. Moses and his brother Aaron did not tell the people that God gave the water. The people thought Moses was the one that made the water to come out of the rock!

Later on that day, Moses was alone. He sat on a piece of wood, probably thinking about the Promised Land. Then God appeared from the evening’s shadows and walked up to him. “Moses!” He tapped him on his shoulder.
       “Yes, my Lord,” Moses raised his head. He answered, smiling.
       “Come,” God wore a frown. Moses rose to his feet and followed Him to a corner.
“What have you done?” God thundered.
      “What? I did what you asked me to do,” Moses shrugged. “I did not do any wrong.”
      God shook his head as He breathed fire from His nostril. Chewing His lower lip, He said, “No, you failed, Moses. I did not ask you to hit the rock. I said speak to the rock!” Red with rage, God crossed His arm over His body. “I was always there in your time of need, but you took me for granted. You forgot me! I made you, and the world is mine! Since you did not tell the people that I gave the water, you will not take them home!”
Moses fell on his knees, with his hands stretched out and palms up. He cried out, “Ah! My Lord, I did not mean to hurt you. I was angry and I forgot…”
It was rather too late as God’s voice echoed as He walked away, “It is normal to be angry. It is only wrong if you cannot control yourself!”
It is good to get to the end of a thing. Moses always wanted the best for his people and he was always there for them.
After the meeting with God, Moses had a meeting with the people of Israel. He told them to be good to one another, which include strangers. After the meeting, Moses walked to his tent. As he laid down to rest, God came into the tent. He walked to the side of the bed where Moses had laid down to sleep. “Moses!” He tapped him on the shoulder and Moses woke up. As he raised his head to check who had tapped him, he saw a bright light by the side of his bed. God cleared His throat and said, “We need to talk, Moses.” The bright light stood and crossed his arms over his body.
Moses rolled out of the bed and sat up. He lowered his head and avoided eye contact with God. “I am listening, My Lord!”
“Not here,” God smiled faintly. “Follow me!” He turned and walked quietly out of the tent. Moses rose from the bed and followed Him outside.
They had a walk out on the field. After covering a good distance, and a huge silence hung between them, God cleared His throat and said, “You have done enough for these people, Moses. Your time is up. Leave the people alone and go to Mountain Abarim and die!”
Shocked, Moses said, “I don’t understand, My Lord.”
“You are a good man. You have done enough for mankind. It is time you step aside for another to lead,” God revealed, gazing into space.
“Why? But I am still young? I can carry on much longer,” Moses protested.
“No. you cannot. You are old. It is my grace that has brought you this far, Moses. You have done well. Another man must lead.”
“My lord, you sound as if you have not forgiven me,” Moses cried. He began to sob gently.
God gave Moses a pat on the back. “I have forgiven you, my friend. The truth is: you need a break. There are chances that you will offend me again and I don’t want that to happen. I love you, Moses. As you know, you are the meekest man on earth. You have served me well enough. You deserve a break.
“I am a just judge. I don’t want you to offend me again. How can I kill or destroy a man that I so much love? Moses, it is not your fault. The people are also part of the reason you did what was wrong. Listen, you should be happy that I will bury you myself. Such are only reserved for men of good conscience. Go now.”
Moses shook his head as tears began to roll down his face.
“Don’t cry, Moses. I have nothing to lose if I bury you,” God smiled.
It was a hard move, but what could Moses do? He wiped his tears with the back of his hand and walked away. God watched Moses walked up to the mountain.
Moses never aged. He was like a man of forty even when he was already over eighty years old. That is the work of your God...

"The Promised Land" will be available for free on Amazon once it is published in March, 2019.

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Truly an Enjoyable Read!

I got introduced to this book through Qwerty Thoughts and I am thankful that I got to know about it through this wonderful website for readers and writers!

This book by Omoruyi is not just for children, but any one who is young at heart will love reading it.

It has illustrations which beautifully tell all six stories including The City Heroes, The Jungle Ants, The Country Boy, Stranger on the Farm, Baby Thomas and Blaize and the Master of Enchantment.
The moral of all stories has been expressed in a good way. This book is both about good storytelling and illustrations.

It touches human emotions in a different way and is a refreshing read.

--Prateek (India)

A Bold Touch

The author has divided the book into six parts and the stories are wonderfully written and the moral lessons are cleverly conveyed in every part and chapter of the book. The writing style is new and fresh in the sense that even though the animal kingdom is used to tell the stories, the lesson brought out in the book ring true for the human race. It touches you deeply as the good, bad, and evil are all contained in these stories and the light shines brightly at the end of each tunnel. 

The hunting for food, blaming humans for their ignorance, fighting the evil creatures, and the good winning over the evil, in the end, are lessons that are woven into the stories beautifully. The bedtime stories for the kids will get a new and bold touch with the purchase and reading of this book.

Read about this book first on Qwerty Thoughts.

--Priyanka (India)


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A few minutes before midnight, the forest came alive. Glowing insects lit up the forest as stars sat on the belly of the sky. Fruit bats were tearing at every meal at sight. Since there was no human presence and no predators, there was no threat to their lives as they moved from one tree to another in search of fruits. The night belongs to the bats and the ruthless world of animals and they grabbed every opportunity that came their way with both hands. But one odd thing is about to astonish the inhabitants of the ruthless world of the animals and only time will tell how they will handle the situation.
At the stroke of midnight, the snail that Tom saw in the morning fell from the tree. As soon as it landed on the floor, it shook vehemently and transformed into a young man. The unfortunate soul was weak and had no strength left in him. He was the only son of King Illerius who had been ill and could no longer rule his kingdom from the sick bed. The young man, Alfonso, was his crown prince. Who bewitched the Crown Prince and what is he doing at the forest when he is supposed to be in the palace tending to his subjects? He was in his birthday suit. Sweat was pouring off him and he could barely walk. He had grown so fragile. He was a man of fine attributes. He was light skinned and he had no misfortune of running around with a protrude belly. The beards on his chest were few and they were of no significance in his hour of need. Yes, Alfonso is a lanky man, but he bears a burden that is taller than his pair of legs.
Shivering like a terrified lizard, Alfonso staggered to a mango tree nearby. He managed to pluck some ripe fruits. He sat under the tree and devoured them in a matter of minutes. As he chewed noisily, Alfonso was alert. His eyes dart back and forth to make sure that the coast was clear and no predator in sight. After he had regained strength, he rose to his feet and walked a short distance to the stream. Slowly he went into the water and washed himself clean under the watchful eyes of the evening clouds. Not long after, he came out of the water. Still wearing a sad Look, Alfonso, returned to a corner near the mango tree. He picked up his trousers and shirt. Though, he disliked the sight of them being covered in dust but there was nothing he could to bend the circumstance to his favor. He wore the clothes and faced the way to the town.
The forest was pitch darkness. But having lived here for some time, he had no problem locating the tracks. Alfonso went past trees, boughs, dry leaves and walked a very long distance before he got to the town. He sneaked into the town and went past some night guards unnoticed. The poor soul was bound for the palace to see his father whom he knew was not aware of his predicament.
Alfonso took a bend and walked briskly to an old sawmill. He went round the abandoned building and entered the house through the back door. He turned right into a room. Some planks already covered in dust were on the floor. He removed them and smiled at the beautiful sight that he beheld. Down there was an opening with a narrow step down an old tunnel overran with rodents. He pulled the slab to one side and went down the tunnel. The secret path was only known to him and his former servants who are now under the spell of his sister, Carolina. 
Under the shadow of the silent night, the crown prince moved carefully, looking back at interval as he faced the way to the palace. The rats roamed freely as Alfonso moved quickly past them. Then he reached a wooden rickety door. He paused and looked carefully about to make sure that no one was following. Happy that the coast was clear, he breathed deeply and opened the door and went inside. The unfortunate soul quietly shut the door. He adjusted his huge frame and turned to his left. Now he was walking very fast. He got to the bottom of the staircase and glanced up. The wooden plank that covered the way out of the hole was still the way it was the last time he came this way. He ran up the stairs and almost lost his footing when one of the concrete gave way. Alfonso hanged on. He squint his eyes and looked through a little opening on the plank. Two armed guards were on parade. They flashed their torch lights about as they moved away from his view.
Alfonso carefully pushed the plank that covered the exit of the hole and climbed out to the open. His eyes darted back and forth as he pulled the plank back to position. Someone flashed a torch at his direction. But the crown prince rolled into the beautiful flowers nearby before he was caught. Just as he tried to control his breath, the soldier who had flashed the light walked to the corner. The man had a strong square jaw and was as dark as the midnight. The soldier flashed his torch about as if he suspected that someone was lurking. Not sensing danger, he adjusted his trousers and walked to a shade where some military people were eating barbeque.
Alfonso came out of the beautiful flowers. He dusted his clothes and moved into the shadows. When he reached the main building in the palace, some guards were on duty. Since he was familiar with the terrain, he had no trouble getting past them unnoticed. He ran to the backyard. The king’s room was at the first floor, above where he stood near the kitchen window. Alfonso glanced at the kitchen to see if anyone was around. There was no soul except a lantern that lit up the nicely decorated place. He climbed the wooden frame of the kitchen window and reached for the balcony at the first floor. He quietly opened the window and entered his father’s room. His father was pale and weak as he rushed to his bed side. “FATHER!”
The old man opened his eyes slowly and turned to him. “Is this my son? Hope I am not in a dreamland, Alfonso?”
“You are not in a dreamland, Father!” he bowed himself gently. He held his father’s hand and felt his neck with the back of his hand. The old man was cold and living had become a nightmare.  
“Your sister told me that you were killed by a wild pig few days ago when you went to the forest to hunt!”
The young man shook his head. “That’s not true. She is a liar! She tried to kill me!” Alfonso burst into tears. “My sister has destroyed me!”
The old man barely raised his head. “HOW? What do you mean?”
Alfonso paused and swallowed hard. “Father, I am under her spell like everyone in this palace. She vowed that I will never succeed you as the next king!”
The king’s jaw dropped. “CAROLINA? How can my daughter do that to you?” The king choked and beats his chest vehemently. “But she promised me that she will help you become a great king!” The king began to cough severely.
There was a glass of water on the table by the bed. Alfonso grabbed it and gave it to his father. As the old king drank from the cup, they heard foot steps approaching the room. The old man signaled his son to take cover in the wardrobe in the extreme. As soon as the poor soul entered the wardrobe, his sister, Carolina, in the company of her maids entered the room. She was mean and her eyes were darting back and forth as she walked majestically to her father’s side. “Are you okay? I heard you coughing!”
The old man smiled. “It’s just a little cough. Please get me some water.”
One of the maids hurried out of the room. Not long after, she returned with a large jug of water. They helped the king to sit on the bed and gave him the water to drink. After he had drunk to his fill, he returned the cup to the maid and turned to his daughter. “Carolina, I want to have a word with you.”
She smiled faintly and shifted her weight to one leg. “Okay, I’m listening!”
“In private!” The king frowned at the maids. “I want your puppets out of my sight!”
Carolina chuckled and signaled the girls to leave.
As soon as the girls were out of the room, the man cleared his throat. “Do me a favour, my daughter. Don’t bury my son in our sad little cemetery. Bury him in the tomb of our great kings who have gone before him. ALFONSO IS NOT A DOG!”
She flashed a menacing smile at her father. “That is the old tradition. If that is what you want, then he will get it.” She hissed. “Alfonso is your pet. That was why you gave him the kingdom at my own expense. Am I not your child? You are not fair to me father! What do you want me to do with a plot of land covered with grasses?” She became emotional and began to sob gently as tears rolled down her cheeks. Then she paused suddenly and wiped her face with the back of her hand. “I have taken my destiny in my hands. Alfonso is alive but I have destroyed him!”
“What have you done to yourself, Carolina? You are greedy. The plot of land that I gave you was an inheritance from my own father. Beneath that earth are precious stones and I expected you to make a fortune from them. What gift will a father give his children other than a life of plenty and wealth? But you have chosen the path of death and dishonour!”
“It’s your fault, father. If you had crowned me as your successor, I won’t have harmed my brother!” she fumed.
 “You are lost, Carolina! Our tradition does not permit a woman to sit on the throne. You cannot rule because I have a son. It is that simple! Your brother is the crown prince. He will succeed me as king!”
She hissed and spat on the floor. “This ugly tradition must stop! I am not fit for the throne because I am a woman? Uh? That was why you gave what belongs to me to your silly boy who could barely read or write. Alfonso doesn’t know his left from his right! That son of yours is deluded. I can’t watch him ruin this kingdom. Alfonso will fart on your face and put you to shame!”
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“You are not his judge. Let the poor boy be.” He sighed and continued, “We have a tradition. My son becomes king once I feel I no longer have the strength to lead the people. And Alfonso has my blessings. Like every human being, I don’t expect him to be perfect. He will certainly make mistakes and when he does, he has the council of elders to help him. No king walks alone, Carolina. That is the law! You can do whatever you like, but you will never have my blessing. You threading on a dangerous path and I advise you refrain from it!”
Carolina fell on her knees and tears flooded her face. “Father, you are hurting me! What have I done to deserve all this? I am sure if my mother were to be alive, she would not have allowed you to treat me like this. You are denying me of my right as your first child. THIS KINGDOM IS MINE! THE THRONE IS MINE!”
“SHUT UP, YOU WITCH!” the old king thundered.
She paused and rose to her feet. Then she wiped her tears with the back of her hand and clenched her fist. She yelled at her father, “You son is now a snail! I have taken over the kingdom and there is nothing you can do!” She laughed out loud, bending her body and covering her mouth with her hands that were as hard as the back of a turtle.
The old man choked and began to cough vehemently again. Carolina paused and glanced at her father who had fallen on the bed. She smiled faintly and brought out a dagger from her skirt. As she moved closer to stab the old king to death, Alfonso jumped out of the wardrobe and fell on her. They had a fair struggle and shared blows from one end of the room to another before he finally dispossessed her of the knife. She received a blow to the neck and lost her balance. As Alfonso ran to the bed side to attend to his father, Carolina shouted, “GUARDS!”
Alfonso only managed to give his father a glass of water when one of the soldiers burst into the room. Before the man could draw his sword, the crown prince pounced and sank a blow into his chest. The soldier lay on the floor struggling for life. As the other soldiers approached the room, Alfonso moved to his sister who had almost died of fear. “Evil will lead you nowhere!” He threw the knife on her body. He jumped out of the window and reached the balcony. As the other soldiers entered the room, the crown prince jumped down from the balcony and landed on the floor near the kitchen window. He rose to his feet and glanced up. One of the soldiers who had reached the balcony peered down. Their eyes met as Alfonso dusted his clothes and took to his heel.
“Alfonso tried to kill the king!” Carolina told one of the soldiers who pulled her to her feet.
Some soldiers rushed to the balcony and they saw Alfonso moved into the shadows. Some of the armed men jumped down from the balcony and gave chase and the others went back through the room. As soon as the men were gone and the fellow whom Alfonso had hit on the chest had been taken away for treatment, she moved to her father’s side. She looked at him coldly. “Your son will pay for this!” She wiped the blood stain off her mouth and walked away.
Alfonso ran very fast across the street and reached the hole in a good time. He pulled the plank and went down and secured it. He moved quickly in the dark, looking back at interval as he went. By the time he reached the other end, information had reached the guards that an intruder was in the palace. They took their positions, flashing torch lights about in search of the poor soul.
Alfonso had no trouble finding his way back into the forest as the soldiers retired from the chase. The night was very cold and there were few stars in the sky. The crown prince arrived at his forest home and was fagged out. He sat under a tree shade and gazed at the wandering clouds. It was not the best of times for the unfortunate soul, and Alfonso was very worried about his father.
Not long after, the young man knew it was time to put the day behind him. He leaned on the tree and rested on the soothing weight of the midnight breeze.
Just before it was day break, Alfonso began to shiver like a terrified lizard. Then he fell on the floor. He stretched and rolled from one end of the bush to another and transformed into a snail again. The creature crawled slowly on dry leaves on the floor and made for a shade. By the time it was day break, the snail had found comfort on one of the trees. Carolina’s spell is a powerful magic. Only time will tell if the prince will eventually be free.
Written by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren.

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The Adventures of Fawn: 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls Kindle Edition by Al E. Boy (Author), Al E. Boy (Illustrator)

Fantastic! Fun-tastic! Fawn-tastic!!

The Adventures of Fawn is an exciting award-winning 'coming-of-age' series. 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls is the first entry in this series, which has also won a number of awards on its own. The year is 1849, and legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen have a young daughter, Fawn. In this first book, 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls, the young reindeer spends far too many days alone in the stable at Santa's Village, with no friends and nothing to do. While her parents caution her she's much too young and inexperienced to go exploring outside the Village by herself, Fawn disagrees. Declaring, “I want some fun and excitement! I don’t care how dangerous it is!” she begins sneaking out each day in search of friends, excitement and adventure. She'll find them all...but also find herself in dangerous situations she's unprepared for! She’ll realize perhaps a bit too late that mom and dad were right all along! And, she'll learn some valuable lessons about what's really important in life. The Adventures of Fawn are filled with fun, laughs, excitement, and magical entertainment for readers all ages! 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls was awarded the Bronze Medal in Dan Poynter's 2017 Global E-book Awards, received an Honoree Medallion from indie B.R.A.G. Awards, a Reader's Favorite Five Star Award, One Stop Fiction Books' Five Star Award, and Literary Titan's Silver Book Award.

Some exciting reviews

From One Stop Fiction---Book Award

Theme of the Book The Adventures of Fawn: Till the Last Snowflake Falls is a book about the importance of friendships, about faith, and about growing up. Fawn's life changes as she makes lifelong friends and discovers that friendship can overcome the most frightening moments. This importance of friendship is the crux of a story whose lessons are applicable to children, teens and adults.
What I Liked About the Story One of the most appealing things about the book is the naturalness of language used by the characters. Fawn and her friends speak like young teenagers with none of the artificiality of typical fairy tale stories. Fawn rolls her eyes at her parents; she mumbles under her breath; she uses mild sarcasm and mild "swear" words ("Darnit!"); she teases her friends the way a normal young person would. The friends invent new words by combining two old ones: terrilized and amtastic are just two examples. Mr. Boy must spend a lot of time around young teens to have captured them so perfectly.
The dangers Fawn and her friends face, while dramatic, are not traumatizing for young readers or listeners. They are of the same order as dangers faced in popular Disney films where, while there is tension and suspense, the outcome is never unknown. The dangerous situations are based on what might actually happen in the Arctic: attack by animals, capture by humans, blizzards. This provides a subtle learning experience for young readers more used to mythical monsters and threats.
The plot is engaging, the descriptions of Santa's village appealing, and the characters from Fawn to Dr. Mary Weather very likeable. The villains are just comical enough not to be too frightening. There is magic in use, but not to the extent that it overwhelms the actions of the characters. There is no "the wizard will save us" attitude here; in fact, it is the characters themselves who provide the most satisfying of endings.
The illustrations are in a naïve style, but definitely add humor to the story.
What I Didn't Like About the Story There is very little not to like about The Adventures of Fawn: Till the Last Snowflake Falls. I did wonder if the setting of Santa's village was at the same level of age appropriateness as the plot and readability. Will children of 10, who can read the story themselves, feel comfortable with a tale about Santa and his reindeer or will they feel that the setting is too babyish for them?
Final Say This is a delightful, charming, humorous, yet meaningful story perfect for young children to read alone or to have read to them.

From D. Donovan, editor of California  Book watch and Children's Book watch, and senior book reviewer for Midwest book reviews:

'Til the Last Snowflake Falls is the first book in The Adventures of Fawn series, and provides a coming-of-age story about the daughter of Santa's legendary reindeer, Comet and Vixen.

One would anticipate a picture book production(or perhaps a chapter book) from the title and premise of the story; but a little over three hundred pages of text (accompanied by some black and white drawings) places it more in the realm of a post-elementary-level reader. Kids past the chapter book stage who still enjoy whimsical, light-hearten stories of Santa's legacy, as well as adults who look for inspirational, uplifting read sand who are not too 'old' to delve into a book featuring a younger animal protagonist, will appreciate the character of Fawn, who is determined to strikeout on her own against her parents' wishes.

Because she can't gain their permission, she begins to sneak out to do dangerous, exciting things on her own. 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls chronicles these mishaps, secrets, whitelies, and the world outside of her familiar Santa's Village home.

Fawn rebels not only against her parents'wishes, but against the structure of her protected life: "You see!Even when I try to have a little fun---I don't! My life is as boring as a melting snowball! Each and every day is exactly the same, Dad. I have no friends! I can't go anywhere---and have nothing to do. I hang around all day watching the Forgetful Twins sweeping floors and brushing down the reindeer."

The contrast between parents who want to shelter their child and a rebellious child's vision of a more interesting world and life beyond the boundaries of these restrictions are presented using clear dialogue and interactions that reinforce the perceptions of not just Fawn, but her parents and those around her.

As a host of characters influence Fawn's journey, from Snow boy/Snowman to a hungry wolf and Doctor Weather, Fawn brings magic and wonder to a world outside of her own, and young readers receive an engaging fantasy filled with animal protagonists.

Discussions of the far-reaching consequences of bridging very different worlds create an engrossing survey: "Doctor,just as Fawn entered my world one day---and changed it forever, you have entered our world today. After this, perhaps your own world won't quite ever be the same again.Will you have to make a choice between the two worlds? Or, can you live with them both?"

It's hard to easily peg the age group of this light-hearten adventure. Kids with good reading skills who can appreciate the black and white drawings peppered throughout a thought-provoking story of changes, adventures, and mature thinking will appreciate 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls, a study in contrasts, development, and the lasting consequences and impact of choices. But Fawn's underlying message of community and spirit in Christmas season and beyond can reach well beyond the children's market, as well.

The philosophical and underlying message of the story is recommended for elementary-grade readers in grades 4-5 who are past the need for color picture embellishments, but still capable of enjoying a whimsical, fun fantasy about Santa's world and small Fawn's determination to make her life more exciting and meaningful; but its real impact will prove inviting to all ages who look for more than another Santa Christmas tale.

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Reel Roy Reviews (Keepin' It Real Book 1)


Reel Roy Reviews, Vol. 1: Keepin' It Real is a compilation of essays composed in tribute to (and sometimes frustration with) the art-form known as "cinema" —with a few theatre, music, and concert analyses thrown in for good measure. As a populist at heart, Sexton's sensibility is grounded in a desire to see good stories, well told.

For Sexton, film is an encapsulated medium. Whether 90 minutes or three hours, a movie tells one story—beginning, middle, and end—introducing you to new friends, enemies, and locales in an efficiently designed delivery mechanism. With a good film, Sexton feels you get the experience of reading a novel (whether or not the film is in fact based on any work of literature) in a highly compressed fashion.

In the best movie-going experience, your brain leaves your body for a bit, you take a mini-vacation to places you might not otherwise ever see, and you return to your regularly scheduled life a bit changed, perhaps enlightened, 
and hopefully re-energized.

Sexton notes, "I try to respect that (for the most part) these are show business professionals putting (ideally) their best feet forward and that they are human beings with hearts and souls and feelings. I hope I never seem cruel. I don’t mean to be. These writings are off-the-cuff and journal-style and come from as positive a place as I can muster....Approach everything and everyone honestly and with positive intent and offer candid feedback with an open heart and as much kindness as possible.”

Some interesting reviews:

Frequently hilarious, always thoughtful, these reviews were entertaining even when I disagreed with them. (Note to author: "Skyfall" was NOT a good Bond movie.) I don't know how Roy Sexton makes the time to see as many movies as he does, but I'm glad he shares his opinions of them with the world, via this book. He includes a host of movies released over the past few years and even revisits some classics. Very well written. Highly recommended for movie lovers.
---Maureen Paraventi

I love Roy's Reel Reviews! He tells it like we Wish we could. He expresses himself so cleverly and knowledgeably. I don't always agree with him, but I Always enjoy and delight in his Reviews.
--Mary Shaull

I've been a fan of Roy's movie reviews for some time. Armed with a sharp tongue, a quick wit, and an absolute love of movies and theater, Roy brings a passionate and independent voice to movie reviews.

Whether you love-em-or-hate-em, Roy's reviews are never dull. I'm just an average guy, but when I see a new movie, I often check out Roy's review to get a sense of whether they are worth spending my hard-earned money and scarce time to see them.

Grab the popcorn, a giant soda, and a pair of 3D glasses, and get ready to enjoy this book!
--Mike Lesich

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Qwerty Thoughts Author Interview With Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Q. How would you describe yourself? 
I am hard working, easy going and fun to be with.
Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them. 
I have published several books which include "The City Heroes and other stories from the heart of Africa", and "The Adventures of Nihu". The City Heroes is a collection of short stories and suitable for middle grade readers. The stories within the collection contain messages about forgiveness, charity, redemption and loyalty.
Q. What place does writing hold in your life, how has been your writing journey so far? 
Special place. I enjoy writing and the journey so far has been wonderful. I am so fortunate to meet some good publishers like the Open Books. They've been wonderful. Irrespective of my flaws, they stood by me.
Q. What is your writing process, a typical writing day routine? 
Terrific! Once I get down to write, I hardly do other things. I am easily lost in my world as a writer.
Q. What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you? 
Meeting people on Facebook and having good relationship with them. I have also benefited from Twitter. Facebook stands out.
Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it? 
It takes a lot to sell a book. You need to have a good cover, blurb and most importantly positive reviews. People buy books when they feel the author can be trusted. Your chance of making it as a writer is high if you have nice reviews about your book on Amazon or anywhere that your book is sold.
Q. What's the most moving or affecting thing a reader has said to you? 
My book was terrific!
Q. What are your favourite three books, and why? 
My favourite books are David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, The Trail of Brother Jero by Wole Soyinka and The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. These book stand out.
Q. Who are your favourite three authors and what do you like the most about them? 
Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, and Enid Blyton. They are very descriptive in their writing. It is easy relate with their characters. A writer is considered great if only he can leave the reader with positive experience.
Q. Tell us about the books that you are currently writing and their progress. 
I am currently working on two books. One is a fantasy novel and I have gone over 60,000 words and the other one is a romance. I hope they see the light of the day.
Q. What challenges do you think are faced by writers, what's the worst thing about the book industry according to you? 
Writing a book and getting it published are no longer the challenges that writers face. We have so many platforms like Amazon Kindle, Create Space that are willing to publish your books for free. The problem now is getting people to read and buy the books. So for me, the worst challenge now is marketing.
Q. Apart from writing, what goals do you want to achieve in life? 
Life is short. I want to enjoy, win awards, and retire rich!
Q. What message do you want to share with budding writers? 
Don't give up. It is normal for any publisher to reject your manuscript, but it is not normal if you decide to quit because a publisher rejected you. Always find out why your book or manuscript was rejected before moving to the next publisher. Polish your work and move on. From experience, there is a publisher for every writer. You can take to self publishing if you are not patient. Stay happy and keep winning.