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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Family is Everything by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Learn this bitter lesson. 

Don't forget your family, especially your children as you serve the public. 

Take care of your children. 

Show them love. Don't put your job ahead of your children. Put your children ahead of every thing. Make them the priority.

You will need them when you are old. A time will come you will retire from the spotlight to face the kids you left behind to chase your dream. 

From research, prominent people don't do well as parents. While they serve the public with vigour, they are carried away or they forget to raise their own children. The result leaves them broken. Evangelist Ebenezer Obey on my mind.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022



In 2017, I had just started my publishing agency at the beginning of that year.

I had 17 books of my own across genres, best selling fiction and nonfiction books. I looked awesome on paper but was so miserable.

My mentors at the time decided to start sending me high ticket referrals, not taking into consideration that I may have some mindset issues.

I had imposter syndrome, serious procrastination issues, and I self-sabotaged. 

And I had no vocabulary for what was happening. I just saw myself imploding sometimes.

I was constantly feeling stuck.

I closed a $3,000 sale and became arrogant, self-sabotaging everything and losing the place I was renting.

I thought I could convince my landlord to treat a pest problem in my back yard if I put in my 30 day notice to quit the property.

No plan b of course because I thought I had the upper hand as an OK tenant that paid rent on time (doing what I was supposed to do).

He took plan A and we had to leave in 30 days.

I ended up moving my children into my little sister's 2 bedroom townhouse - 5 people sleeping on 1 pull out couch.

It was simultaneously the best and worst decision I could have made. 

It made me really think about how serious I was about my business because it was causing me so much stress. 

You see, if I never lost everything, I never would have had the courage to be here with you today. 

I needed to be humbled and to really take control of how I showed up.

I focused on taking care of my family because of my book business.

I focused on improving my personal and professional development because of my book business.

I changed the way I approached writing books because I wanted the people I wrote for to know how much I love them.

I used the profits from that sale to go out on a limb and buy a property that required me to heal it for it to show me love back.

When you really believe in something, you will overcome all obstacles in the way of being successful.

I went from homelessness, welfare, child support, and unemployment to building a 6 figure book business that serves hundreds of people.

I didn't quit. I allowed it to make me better and address the things that held me back. 

I hope this helps.

Saturday, August 6, 2022


First and foremost, I was born in the same village where Governor Okowa was born. Both of us are of Ika origin, in Delta State of Nigeria.
Peter Obi hails from Anambra state, while Datti-baba Ahmed is from Kaduna state. I am doing this simply because of my patriotism and OBIDIENCE as the situation in Nigeria has demanded of us.

Having gone through the statement made by governor Okowa against His Excellency, Peter Obi that; "Peter Obi's experience is not deep enough" to lead Nigeria".

As shocked and confused I was over that statement, I was compelled to reason with Governor Okowa by going around to look at it through the angles Okowa might have seen Peter Obi because, the interpretation of what you see depended on the angle you viewed it from.

1. First of all, Peter Obi doesn't have that deep experience to assume being from South South with Urhobo traditional cap, just as your deep experience has turned you to become a South Easterner by wearing Igbo traditional red caps. Okowa's geopolitical zone is South South and not South East - chameleon behaviour!

2. Of course, Peter Obi doesn't have that deep experience to owe both the dead and living pensioners of their pensions. Such a deep and wicked experience Peter Obi doesn't have which you, governor Okowa has in abundance.

3. Peter Obi's experience is not deep to the depth of hiring thousands of useless and needless men all over the Delta state as SAs, SSAs, EAs and party thugs to be receiving money monthly for doing nothing, other than to roam the streets and making noise in beer parlours, have sex in hotels with young girls that are forced out of schools through strikes. If this is part of the deep experience you mean, Peter Obi doesn't have it.

4. Peter Obi's experience is not as deep as yours who will go and borrow 150billion towards the end of his 8 years as a governor. Peter Obi doesn't have that deep experience to fund a candidate with identity discrepancies to replace him as the next governor. No! Such a deep experience Peter Obi doesn't have.

5. My dear Governor Okowa, how much Delta money did you spend in Abuja while lobbying to become a tool to Atiku as his running mate? 
For your information Sir, Peter Obi doesn't spend public money anyhow. For this you are absolutely right because, Peter Obi doesn't have such deep spending experience which you are known for.
6. Peter Obi doesn't have your type of deep experience to leave Agbor central hospital in shambles and comatose as you have done. Peter Obi is not like you and had not left the hospitals in Anambra state in ruin as a governor. If this is what you called, deep experience, you are right. Peter Obi doesn't have such a deep experience.

7. Please Uncle Okowa, mind your Atiku and his agenda for Nigeria and leave Peter Obi alone in peace! Peter Obi doesn't have the deep experience to attack other candidates as you have. Peter Obi only knows how to tackle problems with clear solutions.

8. Uncle Okowa, you had the opportunity to choose Peter Obi but, you and your delegates decided to choose dollars through Corruption Atiku. Please sell Atiku, your new master and his agenda if any and leave Peter Obi alone,  please!

9. You are right uncle Okowa when you said that Peter Obi doesn't have that deep experience. It is true. Peter Obi cannot betray the South East Governors. Peter Obi doesn't have that mind (Deep experience) to gather South East Governors to demand for Southern Presidency and anti open grazing laws, only to go behind secretly to negotiate, began supporting the same Northern Presidency you  mobilised the southern governors against. My dear Okowa, Peter Obi doesn't have this kind of experience, whether deep or shallow.

10. My dear brother/uncle Okowa, what I expect from you now is a true regret. You had the opportunity of becoming the presidential candidate from the South South but, you and your delegates opted for Corruption Atiku's dollars. Now you and your delegates have the dollars, while you become a tool for Atiku. Now who is to blame, assuming you have not betrayed the South South governors as you said?

Governor Okowa, Please repent and desist from personal attacks. Nigeria is in deep trouble from everywhere. Take Nigeria's problems one after the other and begin to tell us how you will solve them. This kind of attack on Peter Obi will definitely bring you down and expose you badly.

I am Mr. John Akugbe.
2nd of August 2022.


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Security Tips for Nigerians.

*IGP Intellegence  Response Team: SECURITY TIPS* 

1) Don't allow your children who can't recognise voice, to open doors for strangers/visitors.

2) Recognise the voice of the visitors/strangers before you open your doors.

(3) Lock up all your doors, when you are indoors, especially evening time.

(4) Switch off all your electric gadgets, before going out, even when there is no power supply from PHCN.

(5) Check all your cooking materials, before you go out.

(6) Stay away from any strange man, who looks like a pregnant woman, he may be carrying harmful products.

(7) Lock up your cars, even when you packed them in your compound.

(8) Protect your cars and motorcycles keys from being duplicated by suspected criminals.

(9) Protect your sim cards, from being stolen by suspected criminals, else they can use it for ransome negotiation.

(10) Buy Fire extinguishers for your cars and houses. 

(11)Tell the teachers of your children not to release them to anybody, except on your request with evidence from you.

(12) Don't allow strange people to sleep in your house, direct them to the nearest Police station, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), DSS

(13) Don't send your ATM, BVN pin to anybody on any account.

(14) Don't pay for any car or Goods online, if you are not sure of the source.

(15) Don't allow little children to go to school , mosque or Church alone.

(16) Don't travel without informing anybody.

(17) Report all suspected criminals to the Police, Armed Forces, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), DSS.

18. Lock Your Doors when you are Watching MOVIE or Your Favorite TV Shows. 

19. While Watching ur Favorite TV SHOW using a Generator and it Suddenly goes Off,  Don't Rush Out immediately to Open your Door. 
It may be Armed Robbers.

Please, you can Rebroadcast this to your family and Friends.




Thursday, July 28, 2022

South Africa Christian Apologetics Release 2022 Wall of Shame by Charles Awuzie

        False  prophets everywhere...


List of Religious Leaders In South Africa (including Foreign Nationals) Who Were Convicted of Crimes Or In Court as Suspects of Crimes...

Pastor Sbusiso Gerald Nyathikazi from KZN Ulundi 40 years old. (20 years Sentence Rape)

Pastor Freddie Jafta  - Oudtshoorn (25 Years in jail for Raping twins who came to him for help.)

Pastor James Devine Thubakgale (58 Years). From Seshego (3rd Life Sentence for Raping minors.)

Pastor Michael Sandlana – IPHC – On R5000 Bail.

Pastor Sthembiso Nathaniel Kubheka – Witbank -  38 Years old (sentenced to 30 years in prison for Raping boys.)

Pastor Bruce Ehrlich –( convicted Paedophile) East London.

Pastor Deon Harmes 51 Years old – East London – Prophetic Word Of Miracle Ministries. (Made a baby with a 13 year old church member).

Pastor Samuel Sackey -  East London  - King Palace International Church.(Arrested in April 2019 on 12 counts of sexual assault against 6 girls).

Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotosho - Rape case. 

Congolese Pastor Bafoma Willy Emeka 48 Years old (God is Love Ministry) 37 Years in Prison for Rape & Assault of church Members. *Pretoria High Court*

Pastor Melisizwe Monqo 32 & Wife Pamba Mongo 25 from King Williams town – Gods Work international ministry – charges of kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances and murder of Hlompo Koloi who was killed so the pastor can claim life insurance benefits which he took out on her name.

Bishop Benjamin Dingisa – Arise & Shine Ministries in SA Katlehong – Arrested on 11 January 2022.

Nigerian Pastor Clement Ibe (South Africa, Pretoria -  Bethesda Christian Centre) - he allegedly Exploited R90 Million from church & fled to USA. 

Pastor Luthando Montodlana – God is love Ministry – Motherwell Gqeberha – Sentenced to 7 Years for Raping Man in 2013.

Prophet Bushiri Major 1 and his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri - Enlightenment Christian Gathering -Pretoria- are fugitive ,they  escaped the country after being on bail of R100 OOO each, after being charged with money laundering,rape, and many other charges . Extradition Case is still going on .

Apostle Walter Mashalane (Son of Major 1)- In His Presence ministries Church - Limpopo-Bochum-Mokhurumela (46 Years old Serving 5 Years sentence for Unlicenced Fire-Arms from 15 July 2022).

Prophet Samuel Paul Heaven, - Heaven International Fellowship - Arrested on 21 July 2022 Today for Unlicensed Fire-Arms – Vereeniging Magistrate court.

And many more who couldn't be named here....

Me: The South African Justice system is still better than most in other African countries. This country jailed their former President. If you live here, you must respect the law. 
Imagine if some Nigerian religious leaders lived in South Africa! Many of them would be in jail for murder and rape cases by now.

Stay away from Crime. 

If you like a woman or man, ask them out. If they like you too and consent to it, that's your private business and nobody cares. 
But if you rape a minor or anyone and forcefully destroy their pride as humans, the law will find you someday. 

May your name never make it to the Wall of Shame - especially as a self proclaimed Pastor.



Sunday, July 24, 2022

Safety is Everything by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Safety is Everything

At this point in my life. 

The only thing that matters now is the safety of everyone around me. 

I am not Superman. 

I am not James Bond. 

Though sometimes I call myself iconic names to boost my morale and stay positive. It's hard not to wake up sad in this part of the world. 

If the government is not making you sad, you should go for Thanksgiving. 

To guarantee success in Nigeria, you need more than what any motivational book can offer. 

Most books speak in detail about attitude, financial discipline, self control, financial intelligence, and many more. 

But most books hardly discuss SAFETY. They consider this topic or subject already taken care of by the government. 

Today, I am telling you. If after you understand everything you need to be a successful person in a dreadful country like Nigeria and you don't put your safety as your number one priority, you are likely not going to live to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Protect yourself. 

Protect your business. 

Protect everything that matters to you.

In Nigeria, SAFETY is everything.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

EXCERPT: From the unpublished story, "Jesse the Bear" by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

It was cold in the winter. So cold that everyone had to stay indoors. Jesse, an old bear was indoors too. 

Each passing day, the bear would move near the window to check if things had improved. 

The reason for the constant check on the window was clear. Jesse had eaten all his supplies. He had little or nothing left to eat and he was hungry. 

Anything would do. 

Frozen fish. Flesh of dead animals preserved by the cold weather would come handy. 

The only danger facing the bear to go out and hunt was the weather. 

He could be trapped in the snow while hunting. This could be bad. Jesse could die while he hunts for food under such a bad weather. 

Waiting in his hole wasn't a good idea too because hunger could kill him. 

One thing was certain. The bear had to eat. He needs to feed and stay alive. 

What could Jesse do?

One quiet morning, it was snowing and Jesse was going to die of hunger. The bear was so hungry and could barely move. 

Suddenly, there was a movement around the hole where had hid himself for months. 

Jesse raised his head and looked about. He tried to figure out what must have caused the disturbance. 

He could hardly think straight. Partly because he was sad and hungry. 

Things had not gone according to plan. The long months in the hole had left him with no food. 

Jesse didn't know that the winter would be so long. The bear was at the receiving end of climate change. 

Before now, there was not enough kill that would take him through the dark months of winter and snow. In most cases, in the past, Jesse could still hunt during the final months of winter. So not  saving enough meal that could take him through the months of winter was never an issue. 

With the climate change biting so hard, it wasn't a good time to be an animal. 

As Jesse tried to stay calm and sleep, the noise persisted. 

The bear frowned. He reluctantly rose to its hinderquater and move slowly to the outside. 

Jesse is ruthless. With the bad mood, who knows the punishment that the bear will mete out to the intruder. 

The weather was not clear but Jesse could still see beyond his nose. He shoved the wood and dry leaves aside and looked straight outside. 

A raccoon was in the snow. 

It was strange. "How did it get there?" Jesse pondered as the poor creature tried to find refuge. 

Jesse doubt whether the raccoon will survive an hour or two in the snow. Then he decided to do something about it. 

As Jesse watched the animal struggle under the snow, his mind began to work. Jesse thought he could make short work of the raccoon. The meal could save him from the jaws of death and defeat. 

It would be nice to get his hunger behind as quickly as possible. 

Jesse jumped out of the hole not considering he could endanger his own life. He chased the raccoon. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

SHORT STORY: Before it is Too Late by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

It is expensive to raise good children. 

But the price of living with bad children is eternal.


It is expensive to raise good children. But the price of living with bad children is eternal. Many parents, especially in Nigeria focus attention on their children’s grades and extracurricular activities, such as by making sure kids study, do their homework, and if things are not going as planned, they will likely tip or bribe. The essence of this is to get good grades and certificate. While this move can easily secure the future, the price of not touching every aspect of the child’s life can come back to haunt the family.

When a family is in pain, the society bears the brunt.  It’s a vicious circle. It bites deep and robs many of happiness. The pain never ends and will only rest when the victim walk into silence. Everyone is served the poisoned chalice and the bread of sorrow goes round. Sometimes it comes like a truckload. The weight of which could sink a ship.  

While the parents appear to be more concerned about the grades, in most situations, have sleepless nights over the child’s inability to have good grades, all too often, they forget to put time and effort into nurturing another component of child success and development—one that is just as important, and perhaps even more essential, which is being a good person. So the child goes through school not even knowing there is need to be decent, selfless and kind to others. He leaves school only to be brutally cold and receptive to good habits. This opens the flood gate of transgression at all levels of the child’s life.

If we want to raise children who are genuinely nice people, we can help guide them toward habits and behaviors that promote positive character traits like kindness, generosity and love. Without offering the same energy that we put into how much grades the kids have at school, we have only succeeded in destroying the child. Grades and certificates can be of immense value when there is character to sustain the person. We can’t neglect the core values of life and expect life to be fair to us. We cannot pretend to be good and not find ourselves chasing shadows. Life is good when we are able to bend any circumstance to our favor.  

No soul can have a decent future on the corridors of evil. Failure to raise good children will only dent the future. Sadly, the future is now. There must be deliberate attempt to introduce children to good habits. While there are no guaranteed formulas that can build good character and help any child grow into a good person, the parent can start by living an exemplary life. Let your children see the light in you. It is enough if they can see how loving and caring you are.

Nurture empathy in your child. Show them the path. Be the future that you want them to be. Dictate the lessons. Create a vivid picture of what you want your children to become. If they can imagine it, they can achieve it. If your children are not responsive, then you are not doing enough. Your message is not clear. You are missing something. Fix your own shortcoming. You cannot give what you do not have. Be the pacesetter.

Don’t assume that your child knows how to be kind to people. Teach him or her how to reach out and lift up people. Once your child sees the humanity in you, they will surely figure it out on their own. As you encourage positive behaviors, you are liberating your child from future of horror and nightmare.   

Today, raising children have almost become difficult because most parents either leave the responsibility to strangers like the class teacher at school or they are too busy and don’t want to get involved. Children who are not properly guided will eat junks.

Junks will leave any child malnourished. With peer pressure, come the dangers of getting destroyed altogether.

As children grow into adults, kids who have not tasted proper training also develop swiftly too. They find safe haven and mingle with their kind. What you get is a mishap. People will drown at the feet of the bad people. Tormentors will rage at the doors of helpless victims. At this point, we are left to grovel at the feet of the monster that we have created.

We have created monsters out of our children. Alas! They are upon us for destruction! The milk can no longer flow. It has gone sour from the fountain. They crush anything in sight and feed it to their dogs. On their bare chest is death. The valley is flooded with blood of their brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors. The thorns are stronger than the weaver’s beak. Hell is on top of the mountain with hammer in her hand to crush the living. If men had seen the future, they would have tamed the boisterous wind.

We are slowly reaching the point where there will be a “Yahoo Boy” on every street. And every home will boast of her black sheep. A four fisted wrecking bull that can bring down a nation. They are cruel monsters walking about seeking whom to devour. Enough of the madness, for the consequence is grave. They leave a trail of waste. There is emptiness in what they share. They gloat, they howl and they destroy. The enemy from within is hard to kill. It’s in your blood. It is part of you. Sticks and stones can break the bone. A bad child will cause shame and rain curse on his father. Nothing breaks a family like wayward children.    

Don’t sleep while they are awake. Once they organize into a mafia, we are finished. It is easy to see that the boys are so rich. Money knows no filth. It’s loyal to the owner. When money is in the hands of wrong people, misfortune will walk the street on bare chest. It will kill and destroy.   

Most “Yahoo Boys” are now breadwinners. They pay the bills and do the things that their parents ought to have done. In the animal kingdom, the predators determine so much. They determine when others feed or go to the river because it is disaster for the prey to be by the river when the predator is around. There are always consequences for sharing the poor will the monster. The easy target will be brought to their knees and die. The deer cannot be in the same corner with the lion. No matter how thirsty the deer is, the poor animal must find its meal or water elsewhere. Feeding from the proceeds of fraud is evil enough. There are hardly free meals anywhere.  Robbing anyone of his or her hard earned money is not a good way to build your own future. It is not a clear path to greatness. Saying this is cruel, is an understatement. It takes only a cold hearted killer to be completely at peace after hurting people.

Everyone is at the mercy of the bad guy. Any poor animal that strays into their den of the predator is devoured. We have reached that point. The power play and the speed at which the prey is corner can only be decisive. No matter how close you are to the prey, you dare not question the predator.

Many parents have lost the right to question their children on how they make money. No one questions the predators in the jungle. Some parents have been pushed to the wall. They know it is the monster they created that is coming back to haunt them. They know the boy is a product of their wrong decisions. They know he was their failure. They failed to put him through. They failed to make the corrections when they had the chance to done so. They thought the good grades and certificates were enough to mould the son into a fine man. No! It is never enough.

Raising children is complex. Just as talent is never enough in the race of life so is good grades are never enough. You can buy good grades for your son, but you can never buy him good behavior.  

The Yahoo Boys are just one click away from being organized. Once they reach this level, it will be hard to break them down or knock them back to reality. There is no future in being cruel to your fellow human.  Most parents have lost the power to control their wards. Now, they expect providence to fix the adult they should have whipped into shape when he was a child. God will sort it out. For some, providence is the government. Sitting on the mountain of omnipotence, like they are on top of the world, government must act fast. The moment the bell rings, there will be no friends. The roof will be off. Every time someone gets into trouble, the influence of the monster grows. To them, it is good to be the bad guy. Being the bad guy comes with benefits. Bad things don’t last, bad guys do. Such mentality should not be allowed to hold.

Hard work pays off. Dreams come true. Being a fraudster is not a chance to taste greatness. It doesn’t offer a good life. It only endangers those who dwell in it.

Government must save the future of Nigeria. Now is the time to rehabilitate or move these boys off the street. Government must create jobs and keep them busy. Failure to act now, will spell doom. I am already scared of walking alone on the street of Lagos. Every corner you turn is 10-15 boys drinking, smoking or chatting.

We pretend as if we don't see these things. Every time we fail to raise a boy, we destroy a Nation.  

I have always maintained that one bad cop is worse than an entire criminal outfit. If the average policeman knows that he has a son, brother or relative who is a “Yahoo Boy”, what moral justification does he have to fight another? We are sitting on a keg of gun powder. There is no pleasure in suffering. There is no hope in being fraudulent. When we talk about future prospect, being a fraudster can never be one of them. Making it look like a means to an end is disastrous.  

It is hard to say whether things will get better in the future. The systematic failure in Nigeria is evil enough and it is not helping anyone. This circle never ends. It rains for eternity. As the wandering cloud gathers at her feet, the door is slammed shut and evil breaks forth.

Organized mafia buys weapons. Not only to protect themselves, have they bought weapons. They have them to retaliate or fight perceived years of injustice done to them or their loved ones. It is insanity to belong to this world. We must act now and be free. May we not pay dearly for raising poor children.


Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a former cartoonist turned writer. When he was a kid, he loved music and composed songs for his high school band. After school, he wanted to pursue a career in music. Instead he embraced writing and studied Mass Communications. His literary works and books have appeared in Moronic Ox Literary and Cultural Journal, Open Books, Urban Express Live, Qwenu, Academy of the Heart and Mind and many more. He’s the owner of Ruyi’s World of Books and Stories.  



EXCERPT: Dark Magical Papyrus. An Ancient Egyptian Thriller by Mounia Lakehal Meribout


Thebes, Egypt. 2022 B.C. Standing on the balcony at dawn, Neith was looking at the rare white clouds floating in the sky. Sirius, the sacred star, was shining bright on the horizon; it was the first month of the season of the inundation, first decan, the first day. From the big propriety, Neith was able to see the beautiful winding Nile which was expected to flood soon.


Neith was a nineteen-year-old housemaid living and working at a Nomarch Menes domain. Devoted and possessing a good temper, everybody at Menes’ house liked to deal with the young Neith. Her position of the lady Nomarch’s first maid required full-time attention and a great sense of anticipation, and Neith was perfectly succeeding at fulfilling her tasks. Work was something important to Neith, and being at the service of Menes’ wife, Satamon, provided her with a lot of it. The young maid was responsible for her meals, her baths, and every single thing the mistress might need.


The morning was quiet. Some craftsmen were walking quickly to regain the cliff located in western Thebes, the place that Mentuhotep chose to edify his future mortuary temple.


“Work, this is all that matters… Life without work is unbear- able,” she thought.

King Mentuhotep the second was at his thirty-ninth year of reign, as the ruler of Upper Egypt, he succeeded at making the nation prosper and Thebes’ inhabitants were growing in number.


The first day of the year had always been a festive day in Egypt. So as usual, a party was supposed to be thrown tonight at Menes’ house. But the night before was New Year’s Eve and it was particularly odd and scary for Neith.


“How could I work on the party’s preparations after such a night?” she thought. Indeed, Neith witnessed some strange facts that troubled her extremely.


“I need to speak to Ahmes about it… Even though, I can’t imagine him finding a sensible explanation.”


Ahmes was a priest’s disciple living in the temple of Montou, and because of his special skills and sharpened intelligence, he was occasionally Menes’ healer. Neith met him a few days after she was assigned to Satamon’s service and since then, from time to time, they would have spiritual conversations and those were very agreeable moments for the young maid. “Mistress Satamon will wake up soon, I must hurry.”

Neith put some order in her long and braided hair.


The lady Nomarch wandered a little while in the reception room located on the ground floor then she decided to visit her husband’s workplace, “Of course, I need you to accompany me, Neith.”


Menes’s office was located on the left side of the propriety. The two women had to walk a few minutes to reach it, but this wasn’t a great inconvenience, as the walkway and the gardens were absolutely beautiful.


When the women arrived at the office, Nomarch Menes was dictating a message destined to the king of Thebes while the young scribe was copying it in a small sheet of papyrus.
“My dear, you work too much lately. You should rest sometime,” Satamon said with a fake tenderness that only Neith noticed.


“My beloved, there are political and military matters that cannot be delayed. You know very well that King Mentuhotep needs to be Pharaoh,” Menes replied with a serious tone.


“It seems like he’s completely relying on you. Other complica- tions I suppose.”

“Of course there are, fifteen years of complications!” her husband shouted.


“Don’t tell me we are losing the war!”


“There are still some Nomarchs of Lower Egypt that are not fond of the idea of Thebes being their capital.”


“The war is over, that’s what you told me last month, and we even feasted to celebrate the event!” Satamon complained.


Menes tried to reassure his wife, “Don’t lose your temper, my dear. It is a matter of time and patience. It is just a delay. Those things take time, but we will succeed soon.”


Satamon didn’t reply, her husband’s speech didn’t convince her at all. She kept watching him dictating his missive with certain contempt in the look.


Menes was a middle-aged man with an average height and mild obesity. Like most Egyptian notables, he wore heavy makeup and huge wigs.


“Definitely not handsome,” Neith thought with a little shame.

Then, feeling that Satamon was determined to stay for a while at her husband’s office, Neith offered her a comfortable stool. Satamon sat down and continued to watch her husband work.


At some point, Menes spoke to his wife, “My dearest, haven’t you a banquet to prepare for tonight?”


In fact, Menes didn’t want to get his spouse involved in political matters. He was one of those men who think that a woman cannot keep a secret.

“Indeed, my beloved, I have already planned everything,” Satamon reassured him.



Sunday, February 27, 2022

BOOK REVIEW: Ogaba and the Enchanted Cave by Obande Sunny Jack


Ogaba and the enchanted cave

Ogaba and the Enchanted Cave is a quite easy-to-read yet elegant prose targeted for pre-teens and early teenagers. The vocabulary is concise, adequate and fitting for that demographic. Perhaps what is more endearing about the text is its capacity to weave timeless human values into the narrative while placing premium on them. Values such as hardwork, cleanliness, politeness, cheerfulness, wisdom, and the like are rewarded when being practiced especially by children. For example, Ogaba’s cleanliness and wisdom fetches him liberty from the Ojujus.

Worthy of note is the environmental consciousness of the writer who brings to the fore the geography, flora, and fauna typically obtainable in the middle belt of Nigeria such as the great Benue River, the Cattle and nomads, as well as the vegetation of the place. His love for plants, especially flowers comes out more vividly.

The writer himself is not new to the craft of children’s literature. In fact, he could be said to be dexterous in the craft. His first book, Agbenu and the Forest Spirits (initially published in 2005), is currently a recommended text by Universal Basic Education (UBEC) for use in Nigerian secondary schools. His other book, A Miracle for Daddy (2015), was shortlisted for the highly coveted Nigerian NLNG Prize for Children’s Literature. It is then easy to foresee Obande’s Ogaba and Enchanted Cave take up a space among Nigerian children’s literature classics as well as its celebration in the near future. Posterity will surely include Sunny Jack Obande’s name in the Children’s Literature authors’ hall of fame.

Censorship of children’s literature, especially Nigerian children’s literature, is quite imperative in the face encroaching global cultures that could affect moral values upheld nationally. Obande’s Ogaba and the Enchanted Cave doesn’t contain any controversy that could lead to any censorship. This means that the book is safe for both children and adults to read. Researchers in the field of Children’s literature will also find the text as an invaluable material for research. On the whole, it is an unforgettable read.  


Sunny Jack Obande

Obande Sunny Jack is the author of Agbenu and the Forest Spirits (Apex, Lagos 2005, new edition by Human Change Communication, 2018. Third edition printed by Advance Publishers, Kaduna 2018, in collaboration with Universal Basic Education (UBEC) for use in secondary schools in Nigeria.

Obande is also the author of A Miracle for Daddy (Accomplish Press, UK, 2015). A Miracle for Daddy was shortlisted for the prestigious Nigerian NLNG Prize for Children’s Literature. He is an alumnus of the NLNG Masterclass in Children’s Literature.

--Reviewer, Bizuum Yadok is the Chairman, Plateau Writers Society (PLAWS) and author of King of the Jungle, and, Echoes of the Plateau.


Sunny Jack Obande