Saturday, November 3, 2018

No Church has Monopoly of God, by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Some people think that if Pastor E. A. Adeboye does not preach or lay his hands on them, their prayers will never be answered. Oh! It must be Bishop David Oyedepo or else God is not there! If W.F. Kumuyi does not preach holiness, no other person is fit to do so. But that is not Christianity because God is everywhere. Nobody has monopoly of God. The same God that healed the sick at the Holy Ghost Congress of The Redeemed Christian Church of God is the same God that used a member of a catholic church to pay the hospital bills of a sick woman. God is a miracle worker. God is not a man. He works in mysterious ways. You don’t have to belong to a particular denomination before He will reach out to you…
Against all odds, she had triplet. The family was happy until one sad morning when her husband left for work and never came back. All efforts to reach him met a brick wall. A few weeks later, he called his wife and told her that he had moved on. She is free to do whatever she likes with the kids. Sad that her lover and husband had left her with a mountain to climb, she was crushed by the cruel hands of fate. She went through the storm to raise the kids. When life is harsh, it is hard to survive. More pains and more horror enveloped the woman and her children. Sometimes, people die of tough times. Poverty kills!

While she tried to keep the kids happy and put food on the table, she took ill and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her. The poor woman was down with “institutional hernia” and “appendicitis”.
As her mother battled to stay alive, one of the triplets rushed to her local church (The Redeemed Christian Church of God). She met the pastor and narrated the family’s ordeal to him. The pastor and his wife looked at the poor soul and told her “IT IS WELL”. And she left the church empty handed and psychologically destroyed.

If I may ask: Why establish churches everywhere if you cannot give back to the society? According to the book of Acts, the gathering of saints is not only to meet spiritual needs. The church is also expected to feed the hungry, provide medicine and if possible provide shelter.

The idea that a church must focus on preaching the WORD of God is wrong. Jesus Christ healed the sick and also fed people in their thousands. The church finance is not entirely for the pastor. Acts 4: 41-47.
The Redeemed Christian Church never gave a dim to the triplet and the mother. People pay tithe and offering to the church, why deny them in their time of need? You don’t need to be a member of a church before the church can help you if you are genuinely in need. There are churches that look at your tithe card and financial contribution to the church before they can offer any assistance. That is absurd. However, God used some good Samaritans from a Catholic church to pay the hospital bills.

The work of God does not start and end once you can command fire to come down from heaven. God is interested in the man who can lift humanity. Some people don’t know that helping humanity is also working for God. They think the work of God starts and ends on the pulpit.

God loves a cheerful giver.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Yahoo Boy and the Jungle Police by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

One sad morning, a poor soul was at the bus stop waiting to catch a bus to his destination. The young man was tall and tough and his trousers hung loosely to his waist. He was mean and dark as the midnight. He pierced his ears and his earrings and necklace shone like the rising sun. Apart from the dreadlocks that hung down from his head, there was nothing suspicious about him. His look, no matter how bizarre, was never enough for him to be robbed of his rights and tossed into the outer darkness. He was a product of an ever changing world. Civilization comes with a price. We either live with it or we are left behind.
There was a time it was an abomination for a man to be seen in the public not clearly defined as a man because his earrings and necklace competed for space in the public eyes with his mustache. As you know, a man that wants to survive public life must hide his imperfections. Conflicting identity is an imperfection and it sends the wrong signal. The mentally weak is cheap and the innocent is dragged into his pool of weakness and bruised. In this age and time, young people are comfortable parading a phone that is the size of an Olympic stadium. In a bizarre world, the bigger the phone, the higher the chance of getting into trouble. Who cares if you are a saint? Not all glamour excites the society. The man in the public eyes is never far away from a storm. Some of the security operatives that line up the street like vultures waiting for their turn to feast on a carcass have lost it. They will swoop at the slightest provocation. The young man was guilty. His big phone betrayed him. His eyes were fixed on his phone when a van pulled up before him. It was a yellow bus—the regular Lagos state taxi colour. The door was thrown open. As the poor soul raised his head and made for the bus, three or more plain clothe police men jumped down. Before he could blink, they grabbed him and his phone! “YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!” one of the men thundered.
“HA-HA! FOR WHAT? What is my offence?” the young man tried to protest and fight his way out of their grip. But they overwhelmed him and brought him to his knees. They handcuffed him and kicked him here and there.
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One police man stood over him. He smelled like bar and yelled at the young man, “Are you mad? You are a Yahoo Boy and you still have the guts to talk?” He landed a slap on his face and a devastating blow fell on his neck. The poor soul elicited an agonized cry. “Now, get into the van!”
The poor soul jumped to his feet and staggered into the waiting van. All the police men jumped in. They shut the door and drove off. As they moved on, they checked his phone for anything that could implicate the boy. After going back and forth with his phone and could not find any substantial evidence to nail the guy, one policeman pounced on him. “So you have perfected your own strategy to beat us abi? Who is Kemi? I see you were chatting before we arrested you and only criminals use the social media! Who is Kemi? Answer me before I change my mind!”
“Kemi is my girlfriend…” the young man stuttered.
“SHUT UP! YOU ARE LYING! You are trying to swindle the woman. You are a thief! If you don’t tell me the truth, you will end up in jail. Look at your hair. You even wear earrings. You are a “Yahoo Boy!”. Na thief you be and you go tell us where your gang dey!” the police man punched the young man. The poor thing ducked and the blow landed on the metal body of the bus that has seen its better days. The move left the policeman bleeding in his knuckle. He became red with rage and two or more policemen descended heavily on the young man. Blows landed freely on him. He took the fierce shots and never recovered...

Sunday, July 8, 2018

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Buhari’s Low Bar of Governance.

Buhari has lowered the bar of governance so low that all it would take for any president who comes after him to impress us is to:

1. Constitute his cabinet within a few days of being sworn in

2. Appoint members of governing boards of government agencies in the first few months of being in power

3. Not be so incompetent as to appoint dead people in government—and living people without first consulting them

4. Periodically speak to Nigerians through the domestic media, not when he is abroad

5. Personally visit sites of national tragedy, show emotion, and make national broadcasts to reassure a grieving nation.

6. Have an economic team made up of economists and not, as Buhari has done, appoint a diplomat as an economic adviser and then push him to the gaunt fringes of the Vice President’s office.

7. Reflect token religious, regional, and national diversity in appointments.

8. Not lie shamelessly about self-evident facts.

9. Not budget billions for Aso Rock Clinic and yet starve it of basic medicines and then fly to London for medical treatment at the drop of a hat even for “ear infections” and “breathing difficulties”.

10. Not have a compulsive runawayist impulse that ensures that he travels out of the country at the slightest opportunity and for the silliest reasons.

11. Even pretend that the whole of Nigeria is his constituency—including those who gave him “97%” of their votes and those who gave him “5%” of their votes.
12. Add to the list...

Sadly, these are really basic things that we’ve had in previous governments that we thought were irredeemably bad. There is no greater evidence that Nigeria has regressed really badly in almost every index in Buhari’s less than 3 years of being in power than the reality of these grim facts. And he wants you to extend this national tragedy for another 4 years in 2019? Well, it’s up to you. If that's what Nigerians want, who am I to deny them the "luxury" to inflict self-violence on themselves?

Farooq Kperogi is a professor, writer, and columnist. Visit: to learn more about him.