Wednesday, October 18, 2017

You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down by Joy Isi Bewaji.

The craziest and most amazing thing happened today.

I’ve been away from a 9 -5 for two months. The plan was to stay away from a full-time job for a year and focus on script writing, travel and probably find, err, love. Whatever.

I’ve been super busy writing scripts for almost every A+ actor/producer you can name in the industry. My hands are full! Scriptwriting is my new obsession, I follow news I can find, all the way to Shonda Rhimes MasterClass. When I’m into something, I go in!

That's what I do. I send this energy into the universe– make the magic of my passion.

Last week Friday, someone tagged me to a script writing Ad, I sent an email to that effect.

Today was my meeting with the company. I was supposed to go in, wow with my skill and résumé, get the brief and go home with a synopsis to develop. But it didn’t go that way. You see, the company isn’t looking for a scriptwriter per se; they are looking for a creative writer for a fulltime J.O.B.

Aargh! I gladly left one job, I’m not going to get into another, I said to myself. But it started raining – and it rained heavily enough for me to sit my butt through the process.

Did I mention they were 30 other people waiting for different positions the company required? I haven't done this kind of thing in over a decade. LOL!

I finally get to be interviewed. I haven’t been interviewed for a long time, so I tried not to act like I was beneath this – because I am not. Life is a beautiful journey, and at this junction, I was being interviewed by a very young woman obviously in her 20s.

I smiled. Now, I have really lived. She was kind. She said I smelled good. And then said, “Joy, you are over-qualified.”

Yes, at some point, sitting in the waiting room with the others, I kinda figured the Ad wasn't what it was meant to be. But I was ready to let this experience happen to me regardless.

She ushered me into the office of her own boss – Head HR. Head HR said the same thing… “Oh wow, you over-qualify.”

Then she said something… “Oh, my! Joy! I am a fan! You have to meet the boss.”

So she ushered me into the office of the oga at the top – owner of the company. Actually, she had to waylay him as he was heading out.

"You have to meet her," she said.

So I am sitting there with this man who has achieved so much, and he too says, after looking at my CV: “What are you doing here, I don’t think I can afford you. You are over-qualified.”

And I am taking this all in. Let’s not forget that I was there thinking I was going to get a synopsis of a script. At this point, I don’t need a synopsis, one is happening right in front of me – and I am one of the protagonists. LOL!

So we talk about his products, I chip in a few details and creative ideas. I see a few of his staff talking, some kind of excitement, hush-hush stuff, which makes this all so exciting. Then boss says, “I will create a position for you. I will like to work with you. Speak to HR about your figures.”

So I head back to Head HR. We talk figures. We come to an agreement.
I am, once again, on a full-time payroll. I have my own office. I am consulting and heading the creative team of the company.

Just like that.

It’s back to 9 – 5 again. And with a good salary, as always.

I don’t know… is there any other way to spell W-I-N-N-I-N-G?

Moral of the story: You can't keep a good woman down.

I want to buy one Facebook friend a drink for this amazing and unexpected WIN. Something I wasn’t looking out for or thought I even needed. I choose Farida Adamu.

When I got back from a great day, an unexpected shout-out was waiting for me, and it was the perfect icing on an already delicious cake. Thanks, Farida for your kind words.

It's incredible, isn't it? I wasn't looking for a job, yet a position was created for me. So I am going to work so hard at it and shame the devil. Because I am wired to WIN phenomenally. It's what I do.

Peace and love everyone!

I hope you find that amazing stuff you had no clue you needed.

Joy Isi Bewaji, a prolific writer, columnist, and the managing director of Happenings Radio and Happenings Magazine.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Work in Progress entitled, "One Horse and One Son" by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren.

Omoruyi Uwuigiaren
While they ate silently as if they were mourning the passing of a good soul, there was a faint noise on the door. “Who is that?” Erasmus asked. He raised his head, chewing noisily.
“It is I, Edward,” a baritone voice replied from the other side. Edward is their next door neighbor. He owns the two acres of land on the other side of the farm. He signaled his son to go and open the door. Jason left the table and moved quickly to the door. He threw it open and Edward walked in. He moved to the middle of the sitting room and stood akimbo. He looked in every direction as Erasmus who tried to mask his frustration with a smile watching him from the dining table. “Erasmus,” he flashed an exaggerated smile at the father and son. “I was going to see our friend whose wife has just delivered of a boy. Then I decided to stop by. How was your night?” He shifted his weight to one leg and crossed his arms over his body.
Erasmus hissed. “Great, but I am barely scraping through.”
“Yes, I sensed it the day Mr. Fred broke the news to us. It was like you fell from a tree!”
Erasmus chuckled and shook his head. He went for the glass of water on the table. After he had emptied the water into his stomach, he slammed the empty glass on the table. He let go a belch that could kill a dove and said, “That was just a coincidence, Edward. It’s not the problem.” 
“No, I think it is,” Edward disagreed. He rode a few steps nearer. “I have warned that you put your dark past behind. We are both in the same boat. My wife is also dead. Get her thought out of your head and move on, Erasmus.”
“Theresa is dead but she gave me Jason and a gift!”
“What gift?”
“A horse!” he spoke softly.
“And so what?” he shrugged. “You have a horse. Will you stop swallowing?”
“You don’t understand. The horse has disappeared!”
“What? Your horse got out? What bad luck!”
“Back luck? How do you know it’s a bad luck?” Erasmus asked, scratching his head.  
“As you know, a horse is expensive,” Edward sighed and shook his head.
“Well, that is true. But it doesn’t stop me from doing my job.”
“Let us hope so. I must leave now.” Edward turned and walked to the door.
“Thank you for coming,” Erasmus sounded from his corner.
Edward merely waved his hand in the air and never bothered to look back. Jason followed him to the door. Once the man got out, he slammed the door behind him and returned to the table to continue his breakfast.

You can reach Omoruyi Uwuigiaren @