Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sex is a Weapon by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

What usefulness is marriage when your partner tells you she does not enjoy sex? And seven months down the line, the monster between your legs remains inactive. But in the next world, you are king. Constantly in dream land where you only have good sex. You could hear her moan in pleasure as she wraps herself under your cover. She was expressive and her long sound reached the gates of heaven. Reaching for the sky and exploding as you cum on her face. You wish the journey never ends. The earth is old and must pass away, but your fantasy must remain.
The strokes are beautiful. They were like trees that bowed gently to the sweet movement of the morning breeze. But it was only a dream. Not at the altar with the woman you vowed to spend the rest of your life. At the slightest provocation, you cursed the day you made that vow. What will you do?
At Igboelerin, Lagos, a woman went seven months without having sex with her husband. Beaten and broken by excuses, the man who was deprived could only help but wonder why such was his fate. Being told you cannot have sex when you know you should be in the pool can be killing. A man could be at variance with his own nature. Sometimes nature only favours its own.
One sad morning, the woman broke down and took ill. After several days on the sick bed, and not recovering, she was rushed to the hospital. Trust the good doctor. He asked them to conduct test to ascertain what was really wrong. The couple did not wait forever before the test result arrived. The doctor gladly broke the news to the man that his wife was two months pregnant!
Confused, the man masked his anger with an exaggerated smile. But his wife began to shiver and sweat profusely and he could feel the heat on her face. Who was responsible? The man not willing to embarrass his wife before the doctor took the result in good faith and drove her home. His mind began to work as they make their way back home. He managed to stay focused as he drove. He remembered they have not had sex for over seven months. How could she have been pregnant for two months? This cannot be the work of an angel. The last time an angel impregnated a woman was over two thousand years ago!
When they got home, he sat her down and threw out his question, “Madam who is responsible for this pregnancy?”
She sat up. “Who else if not you?” she replied defensively, avoiding eye contact.
He chuckled and crossed his arm over his body. “You are two months pregnant!”
“Yes, oh yes!” she hissed and fired back.
“But we have not had sex for over seven months in this house.”

 “That is your problem. Not mine!” she yelled at him.
The kept his cool. He spoke with a voice that was as soft as a whisper, “You have constantly rejected me. Don’t tell me you had an encounter with Angel Gabriel because we already have JESUS CHRIST! Now, tell me the truth or I will expose you. And then I will throw you out of the house. You are cheating me. Who is responsible for this pregnancy?”
Not willing to confess, she began to cough vehemently. As the poor soul waited for her response, she ran to the rest room and locked herself up. Coughing and causing all sorts of problems to buy time.
Her device worked. The man not wanting to cause commotion left the house. As he made for the door, he said, “I will be back by 5pm. Prepare for war if you fail to tell me who owns the pregnancy!” he slammed the door behind. He mounted his bike and zoomed off.
By the time, he came back home few hours later, he met his house locked. His wife had disappeared with his two children.
Shattered and broken, tears rolled down his hollowed cheeks. Few days later, news reached him that she was with the man that got her pregnant.

Sadly, the two children he thought were his; also belong to the man that took his wife away.