Thursday, January 5, 2017

Work in Progress. From the book entitled, “Gone with the Last Bus” by Sunny Jack Obande. ENJOY!!!

At the foot of the huge boulder, the deposit of fine shingles had become a makeshift bed for Mama Sherifatu and the supposed spiritualist, their clothing, heaped together on the sandy earth, now a temporary mattress. She laid on her back, her legs wide apart with the knees drawn up to accommodate the weight of her partner in crime who was busy thrusting in and out in quick successions, the muscles of his exposed buttocks squeezing so tight with every effort. At first, they were so into their sins they didn’t even notice we were at the scene.
“Spirit enter into me,” she cried in-between thrusts, “Spirit enter into me and be my protector.”
“Abomination!” Akeke breathed as we stepped into the open and towered over them. I was almost certain he would kick the busy man violently from behind as we closed in on them. “Which spirit is entering into you, Mama Sherifatu?” he spat in resentment, “Spirit of this crook or spirit of Lucifer?”
And that was when these two, joined at the waist in their coital embrace, suddenly realized they were not alone. The man was first to respond. He quickly pulled himself out and rolled onto his side, briefly revealing the woman’s wet crimson slit from whence his phallus had just made its abrupt exit.
“Jesu!” she cried out in shock as she scrambled to cover her nudity with what she could grab of her dress, “Akeke, what are you two doing here in this forest?”
“What nonsense question is that?” Akeke retorted, his ugly face taking on a vicious expression, “Are there no more vacant hotel rooms in town? Why come this far just to fuck yourselves in an open space like two stupid dogs? Tufiakwa!” He coughed up phlegm and spat on the ground very close to these two to show his disdain.
“My brother, it’s not what you think?” the spiritualist stammered through the words as he struggled to quickly fit himself back into his rumpled vestment.
But Akeke wouldn’t let him do that; he snatched the garb from the man’s clasping grasps. “Give me your garment, idiot! I’ll make sure you go back to town naked,” My chap threatened with all seriousness, “And if you dare to come near me, I’ll be forced to do damages to your adulterous face, I swear!”
The flustered man got the message and made an effort to keep a safe distance between himself and Akeke’s reach. “Please don’t go away with my holy gown, my brother. As I said, it’s not what you think,” he pleaded, his hairy face contorted in a mix of fear and embarrassment.
“Then tell me what this is, you lying charlatan!” Akeke replied, “So your work is to lure women here and then fuck them afterward in the pretense of carrying out religious rituals? Well, your cup of sin is full today because I must go to town with what I’ve seen. Thank God I have an eyewitness to give credence to my evidence.” He jerked his head at me.
I nodded in return to let Akeke know I was with him all the way on this. “In fact, I still can’t believe what I just saw with my two naked eyes!”
I sighed as I folded my arms across my chest and shook my head in utter disappointment.