Monday, July 31, 2017

John Needs Your Prayers by Mimi Mogeni

Yesterday I spent my whole morning with the police trying to locate a young Kenyan man who went missing. The fellow had developed hallucinations a few days ago after a friend told him that his young girlfriend in Kenya was seen with another man. He soon started complaining of seeing snakes, could not sleep, woke up the following day and later came home dropped by an ambulance. He has two other roommates who are rarely at home and no one knew the extent of this condition. 

On Thursday night, he had asked one of the roommates to take him to a church to get a Bible but they ended up at Wal-Mart where they eventually bought the Bible. On Friday morning, no one knew where he had left his car, and he had not gone to work either since Wednesday.

Yesterday morning one of the roommates called me and said John is missing. Apparently, they had stayed up till 3 in the morning guarding him from leaving the house but they fell asleep. Then he then got the chance to escape. The roommate who called me had just returned from work only to find their apartment door unlocked and John was missing. The other one was still asleep and had no idea. They decided to check him around the neighborhood and they found his clothes in the middle of a nearby street next to a highway. They called the police.

By the time we got there, the police had arrived and were asking questions as well as searching along a perimeter in the neighborhood. They found his wallet and his two phones. Things were not looking good at all. We feared for the worst.

By the way, we knew John through one of the roommates who is a cousin to my hubby and had lived with us prior to moving. John is around 23 years old. He had moved to states last year after winning a Green-card. He is very quiet and humble. My kids like him a lot as he has occasionally stayed at our house while I'm away. 

Back to the story. John had no immediate family member here in the states apart from an uncle who lives in Boston. We called the uncle and explained the situation but he quickly denied that he left Kenya when John was very young and has no idea if he had mental issues. 

About an hour later, the police informed us that a state trooper patrolling last night picked up a man who was running naked on the highway and dropped him at the nearby hospital. We were so relieved that he was alive and immediately went to see him. He was in ICU though and he had spent his first few hours in the emergency room. He was sober and when he was told he had visitors, he asked who we were. They told him our names. And then John said it's okay to see him but one person at a time. We were about 8. When I went to see him, I could not hold my tears because he was saying things out of the ordinary. He narrated how strange people were chasing him and how he ended up naked. I prayed for him and briefly talked to his doctor who said they are still evaluating his state of mind. 

Please pray for this young man. Whatever has happened to him is only God who knows. 

John needs your prayers.

 Mimi Mogeni

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