Friday, July 28, 2017

MY FRIDAY ARENA : Yet I See A Great Nation by Usman Rayyanu Dabai.

Nigeria, a potentially great country with abundant resources. The land is vast with different tribes and languages. A great country, pregnant with the solution to the predicament of many African nations and the world at large.
Once upon a time giant of Africa, the country that have brought peace to many African country, a country with a great treasures but eaten up by a deadly canker-worm called poverty, corruption, bad governance, impunity and hopelessness. I am optimistic, patriotic and yet realistic enough to know that the canker-worm has eaten deeply into the fabrics of this country.

A country though blessed, but yet not satisfied. A great man lamented vehemently in the following lines:
"Our inheritance is turned to stranger.
Our houses to aliens. We have drunken our water for money.
Our wood is sold unto us."

This is the condition of this country. We lack what we have and want what we need. Though we have raw materials, we cannot produce. And what we produce, we cannot buy. What a tragedy.

Nigeria is a promising baby, though her mother has refused to breast feed her. Her father has enriched himself with the ornament God decorated the child at birth. Can a child be an orphan when both parents are alive?
Nigeria was adopted by her uncle, but her uncle sold her into slavery and used the benefits for his pleasure.

Oh Nigeria! Though everyone that comes your way always use you to his or her gain.
But with a great leader who concentrate on issues that have been have destroyed before, on what we will build, on where they have failed you, on where we will excel I see a ray of hope, I see a future- a great future, provided everyone attach to you see you as a project to work on and develop. Not a cake to share and loot as the vagabonds did before.