Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Deaths on the Prowl by Adeniyi Kunnu.

It is utter sadness to say the least, that those working assiduously to help Nigeria return to a safe haven get killed as though their Lives don't worth a nickel.
         The 25th of July was replete with gory sight and discomforting tales at Magumeri in Maiduguri, Bornu State. On a return from prospecting for oil at the Lake Chad Basin, over fifty persons - to modestly put - were slain.
         The shocker for me in all these came from Major General John Enenche, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Military. He said there were collaborators, which accounted for the loss recorded while on their way back.
           Where then are the collaborators? This question is in dire need of answers as these losses have come to a head. The situation calls for the total advocacy for humanism rather than the ever disturbing religious inclination, which has gotten us nowhere.                How on earth could someone become a snitch on selfless citizens, particularly Security Operatives, baffle me.
            It obviously connotes the divisions along major areas of religion and, perhaps culture. We have to call a spade by its name and do the best we can in our little corner to ward of these evils that are keeping us prostrate. I want to hope that high level investigations will follow these deaths, so they could requite the colossal loss suffered. Culprits must neither be spared nor negotiations entered on their behalf when nabbed. Nigeria must arise and shine for her light can neither be put off or turned low.