Wednesday, October 18, 2017

You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down by Joy Isi Bewaji.

The craziest and most amazing thing happened today.

I’ve been away from a 9 -5 for two months. The plan was to stay away from a full-time job for a year and focus on script writing, travel and probably find, err, love. Whatever.

I’ve been super busy writing scripts for almost every A+ actor/producer you can name in the industry. My hands are full! Scriptwriting is my new obsession, I follow news I can find, all the way to Shonda Rhimes MasterClass. When I’m into something, I go in!

That's what I do. I send this energy into the universe– make the magic of my passion.

Last week Friday, someone tagged me to a script writing Ad, I sent an email to that effect.

Today was my meeting with the company. I was supposed to go in, wow with my skill and résumé, get the brief and go home with a synopsis to develop. But it didn’t go that way. You see, the company isn’t looking for a scriptwriter per se; they are looking for a creative writer for a fulltime J.O.B.

Aargh! I gladly left one job, I’m not going to get into another, I said to myself. But it started raining – and it rained heavily enough for me to sit my butt through the process.

Did I mention they were 30 other people waiting for different positions the company required? I haven't done this kind of thing in over a decade. LOL!

I finally get to be interviewed. I haven’t been interviewed for a long time, so I tried not to act like I was beneath this – because I am not. Life is a beautiful journey, and at this junction, I was being interviewed by a very young woman obviously in her 20s.

I smiled. Now, I have really lived. She was kind. She said I smelled good. And then said, “Joy, you are over-qualified.”

Yes, at some point, sitting in the waiting room with the others, I kinda figured the Ad wasn't what it was meant to be. But I was ready to let this experience happen to me regardless.

She ushered me into the office of her own boss – Head HR. Head HR said the same thing… “Oh wow, you over-qualify.”

Then she said something… “Oh, my! Joy! I am a fan! You have to meet the boss.”

So she ushered me into the office of the oga at the top – owner of the company. Actually, she had to waylay him as he was heading out.

"You have to meet her," she said.

So I am sitting there with this man who has achieved so much, and he too says, after looking at my CV: “What are you doing here, I don’t think I can afford you. You are over-qualified.”

And I am taking this all in. Let’s not forget that I was there thinking I was going to get a synopsis of a script. At this point, I don’t need a synopsis, one is happening right in front of me – and I am one of the protagonists. LOL!

So we talk about his products, I chip in a few details and creative ideas. I see a few of his staff talking, some kind of excitement, hush-hush stuff, which makes this all so exciting. Then boss says, “I will create a position for you. I will like to work with you. Speak to HR about your figures.”

So I head back to Head HR. We talk figures. We come to an agreement.
I am, once again, on a full-time payroll. I have my own office. I am consulting and heading the creative team of the company.

Just like that.

It’s back to 9 – 5 again. And with a good salary, as always.

I don’t know… is there any other way to spell W-I-N-N-I-N-G?

Moral of the story: You can't keep a good woman down.

I want to buy one Facebook friend a drink for this amazing and unexpected WIN. Something I wasn’t looking out for or thought I even needed. I choose Farida Adamu.

When I got back from a great day, an unexpected shout-out was waiting for me, and it was the perfect icing on an already delicious cake. Thanks, Farida for your kind words.

It's incredible, isn't it? I wasn't looking for a job, yet a position was created for me. So I am going to work so hard at it and shame the devil. Because I am wired to WIN phenomenally. It's what I do.

Peace and love everyone!

I hope you find that amazing stuff you had no clue you needed.

Joy Isi Bewaji, a prolific writer, columnist, and the managing director of Happenings Radio and Happenings Magazine.

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