Sunday, August 4, 2019


How about starting the new week off with a couple of books I've read recently. I finally found time to read and write the reviews. Been doing a lot of writing myself. And having fun with my critters.

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Turn on the lights, lock the doors, and settle down for a mystery that will make you check all of the locks more than once. When Abigail moves to the town of Spookie to find happiness, she discovers a scrap of paper that changes her life forever, although not in the way she had planned. Kathryn Meyer Griffith has written a story of love, adventure, and danger, along with a cast of characters that I think you’ll remember for a long time after reading about their lives.

SCRAPS OF PAPER is the story of people that live in a small town and how they face the dangers that threaten to destroy them. This is good mystery that kept me wondering what would happen next. I recommend it for readers who enjoy suspense and mystery. This is the first book in a series, so You’ll want to check out the others, too. Happy Reading.

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By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

ALL THINGS SLIP AWAY, book #2 in the Spookie Town Mysteries begins with a Prologue, ten years earlier, where police officer Frank Lester is on the trail of a kidnapper and killer, which then brings the reader to the present. And when a teen girl goes missing, we are caught in the middle of a mystery that affects the entire town. Did she run away? Is she lost, or kidnapped, or worse? This isn’t the first time that people have vanished, with no trace. And it won’t be the last.

So, turn on the lights, lock all the doors and snuggle up in a comfy chair to see what is going on in the small town of Spookie. Katheryn Meyer Griffith has written another mystery that will keep you guessing why people are disappearing. We met some of the characters in SCRAPS OF PAPER, the first book in the series, so they seemed like old friends. If you enjoy adventure, suspense, mystery, and a bit of romance, this is the book for you. Happy reading.

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