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My journey into the beautiful world of writing began one cold evening the wind blew with vengeance. A pastor visited my humble home with a little book written by Bishop David O. Oyedepo of the Faith Tabernacle Church, Ota, Nigeria. After going through the little piece that was as good as gold, I told the friend that few days would be enough for me to bring a little book to life. The Pastor who is as dark as the midnight thought I was a windbag. He said such endeavor would make me a drudge in no distant time. As soon as he left, I went to work and I am still in the business of writing.

For more than two decades, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, has been part of the current renaissance sweeping through the African continent. His faith-based teachings have transformed millions of lives.

Called with a specific mandate to liberate mankind from all oppressions of the devil, Dr. Oyedepo is the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, with a network of churches all over Nigeria and most nations of Africa.

He is the Senior Pastor of the 50,000-capacity Faith Tabernacle, Canaan land, Ota, reputed to be the largest church auditorium in the world.

As an educationists, his mission currently pioneers the establishment of educational institutions at all levels in Nigeria, including the recently established Covenant University, where he serves as the Chancellor.

He has written over 50 titles of inspirational and motivational texts covering various aspects of life. He is married to Faith, and their marriage is blessed with children.

Title: Born to Win
Author:Bishop David O Oyedepo
Publisher:Dominion Publishing House
ISBN: 978-2480-97-8


In today's world, many aspire but few, negligibly few few, attain. There are challenges to be faced up with everyday, they either make you or break you, you either overcome or be overcome. True, there are problems, but there are victories too, and there can be as many victories as are problems in the world. It is good for you to know whom you were created to be. You were not made for reproach. God has provided the keys to victorious living as it is in this book. You were created for dominion, you are born to win.

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Previous Shiloh Testimonies

Marriage Spell Destroyed!

"For 37years, I had not witnessed our girls getting married. I asked my father what the problem could be and he said it was as a result of the crave for female children in our family, that a native doctor was invited and that was the outcome. I told myself that I cannot be a victim because I am a winner and a child of God. I came to Shiloh 2006 for this purpose and Papa(Bishop Oyedepo), in his ministration said, 'When a thief is caught, he returns what he has stolen.'I keyed into this message and decided that the devil's oppression must stop. I repeated same in Shiloh 2007 and this year, more than 11 ladies have got married in my family, to the glory of God. I return the glory to God."

Issues of Blood Gone!

"I came to Shiloh last year with many expectations. God confirmed them all.The most important one is the issue of blood. Today, I am no longer with it. I told God that I did not want die, and my husband was crying like a baby. I used to sit on a pail, because of the bleeding. One of my brother in-laws invited me to Shiloh. Now I am totally free!"
--Adiele R.


"I got married in 1997. I believed God for the fruit of the womb for eight years and I did not see the baby. I came to Shiloh for the first time in 2006 and that put an end to barrenness in my life! In November 29, 2007, I was delivered of this beautiful baby girl. Praise the Lord."
--Mrs. Patrick, F

I got to my hometown one day and I was told that one of my cousins had gone insane. For days he could not recognize anyone, not even his mother, nor would he speak to anyone. But when I got into the room where he was, he rose up and greeted me! He didn't know his mother,nor anyone else, but when the son of God entered, he knew! I ordered him dressed up and to be put in my car, let me see the devil in hell that has the guts to dare enter my car with him! By the time we got to where were going, he was fast asleep! That was the end of the insanity!
--From the book, Exploring the Riches of Redemption by Bishop David O. Oyedepo


  1. james ihechimerezeOctober 26, 2010 at 8:10 AM

    I had a DIVIVE encounter with anointed man of God in the dream 2007, not even in cananland ota to be precise but in my house after the declaration from papa saying that i can see many people being dwelling with double anointing just like elisha for signs in these shiloh and i key on that prophecy prophessied behold in the night as was sleeping i found myself coming out from were i was sitted to the allter of God and papa was inside the allter ,with every sense of confident and boldness i qietly kneeled down before i may even say anything papa told everybody to arise and begin to pray for me and he anointed me and say go and be a light to your generation and he gave me cloth melt with anointing just like when an envangilist is being ordained as a pastor and awake up in the trance ,since then i can here God calling me my son in the trance telling me things , if had dream it most surely come pass, living without his presence ie thinkikg of things of God is deficult to me .dwelling in uncleans thing ia as if am been sorrounded with bomb. finally i still need heaven faith just to work in my day to day lives.james 07095402049

  2. Keep the good work up Ruyi. Reach for the stars!