Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Boy in the Mirror by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

We found the boy in the midst of our tormentors in the aftermath of a massacre that came like a rushing wind upon the city. In our pool of old age, we wore long faces as if we had eaten frustration that day.The tragedy that struck us when the evening was about to resume duty took her esteemed seat in the heart of the melee.

When we contended with the frightening figures, one of them whose balls sat in the socket of his skull was daring, shaven and his head like an egg, pounced and hurled a devastating blow.I could not stomach the onslaught of the wicked soul for it swept me off my feet. But before I could regain my footing, the boy broke lose from the cruel grip of the creatures and was at ease in the creepy kind of place. All of a sudden, the devil that resides in the throne of the boy's heart walked into the scheme of things and emitted destructive powers that reminds us of doomsday. His roar almost brought the apartment down.

The mythical creatures had nothing better to do than grovel at the feet of the boy whom we later realized was the monster that brought the city to her knees. And we had no option that to wish the poor soul to rest in the bosom of solitude for all eternity.

However, we had our legs to thank. When the misfortune strolled in for we would have been swallowed in the wave of the massacre. The boy left a trail of waste.


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