Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meet Nihu, The Aventurer: Review of "The Adventures of Nihu" by Grapes (Southeast USA)

When Nihu is accused of murder by the king. He must run away quickly or die an innocent man. He is not his uncle's murderer! The Adventures of Nihu by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a book full of adventure and magic. Yes, the author took me into a beautiful and ugly world of fantasy. I held on tightly to the author's hand because of the many dangers and strange sights. All of these magical happenings take place in Africa in The Lonely Forest. During his travels, Nihu meets with a Frog looking girl named Suli, a six-inch guy named Ndolo who owns a special light and Argon, the ruler of the mountain which just might end Nihu's normal life.

The great deceiver made me a foul toad. He accused me of staring at him while he was offering a sacrifice in the pit.

Also, the African setting is wonderful. There are Baobab trees, of course, monkeys, Iroko trees and believe it or not crocodiles fighting boas. I won't tell which animal wins this hard smacking contest in the wilds. There are talking trees and a talking cockerel. Let's just say the novel is full of the African forest.

"The tree gushing out blood reminded Nihu of the ancient Iroko tree, the home of witches and wizards."

"The monkeys were hopping through the trees. The fruits on the tree were ripe enough to serve their hungry purpose."

Along the way, Nihu meets special people willing to help him. Unfortunately, they are not with him long. However, they willingly share their adventures with Nihu including the death of a special friend. Nihu is a good listener. He is open to all new and honorable truths hoping each one will lead him to freedom and back to the countryside. One friend is Phil.

"You have no choice, my boy, Since Macques' death, I have been living alone. You can too...A solitary life is not such a bad thing. I have new-found confidence after I have eaten and lived with the jungle devils..."

I read a great interview with the author, Omoruyi Uwuigiaren, by Joey Pinkney. After reading the interview, I had to download the novel to my Kindle. I had no choice. I liked the young author and became curious about The Adventures of Nihu.


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