Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dear Aishat Muhammad Buhari by Usman Rayyanu Dabai

Dear Aishat Muhammad Buhari,

Are you telling us the zoo analogy remains the true picture of Nigeria ?

When Shehu Sani wrote that comment, my only response to it was that he has written in deep innuendos. Then Madam responded, confirming my worries.

Well, One significant tribe of Nigerians that derailed the government of President Jonathan then was the army of sycophants around and far from him.

Any step he took, whether major or minor, positive or negative, he was always being showered with praises that were out of this world. He was simply their messiah. He could do no wrong.
Of course President Jonathan got carried away. He thought he was actually building a virile nation. The sycophants failed him. He too failed himself for failing to separate reality from sycophancy.
Most leaders get derailed by sycophants and praise singers.

In a society where the leadership class is alleged to be populated and hijacked by Hyenas and Jackals........ does such revelation from very highly placed quarters (that should be in the know), not validate in part, and also reinforces the reference made by some that the country is a zoo? What an insult
Of all animals on earth,we are under the control of a leadership whose characters are captured by some of the most dishonourable species in the animal kingdom; Hyenas and Jackals?
Not even majestic Lions,elusive Leopards or princely Tigers?
Have you ever sat down to watch The Savage Kingdom on National Geographic Wild?

Oh my God. ...
Hyenas and Jackals do not leave any living trail behind. Even the grass that had the misfortune of being stained by the blood of their victims are chopped off for daring to interfere. These class of animals do not allow their victims the dignity of death before devouring them. They commence tearing their victims while they're still alive, giving them the opportunity to watch the horror of being dismembered alive.

When you take a cursory look at Nigeria, you wouldn't argue with such description that Hyenas and Jackals have been running the show.
Savagery in its worst form.
And where are the citizenry located in such a vicious circle of dog eat dog?
I am just asking. .....


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