Friday, July 14, 2017

MY FRIDAY ARENA by Usman Rayyanu Dabai

With the emerging trend of young Nigerian youths who are supposed to be educated enough to know how to resolve the Nigerian conundrum getting more confused than the present bunch that constitutes the political class,it is safe and sound to submit that we still have many years to endure the present inanities and mediocre leadership that suffuse the political landscape.

Brimming with so much energy and 'intellect',one would have expected(especially those of us who don't know much) that this set of people should be able to articulate concrete steps on how to move the country forward.

They rail and rant. They condemn the status quo using high-sounding rhetoric and some fashion-beaten political grammars,yet they cannot pinpoint a formidable alternative to the present political configuration. Does that solve the problem? Never.That will never be.

I am told there is an ocean of distinction between being an ideologue and being a realist..The former live and dwell in the realm of esoteric abstractions while the realists get things done in the physical realm.
Unfortunately for a nation still finding its feet in the rhythm of life and nationhood,it is blessed with a whale of ideologues who pontificate and theorise in the comforts of their privacy and some in their well-protected fortress. That is the tragic lot of Nigeria.The realists are the ones getting things done here.But they are doing it badly. Who'll blame them?

No condition will ever be favorable for the ideologue to work. There is no absolute environment anywhere. They have to get things done. When you detest a situation,construct a better one in reality. Until the ideologues get down from their Olympian heights and translate their ideologies into a workable reality,the realists(no matter how shabby they are) will always have their way in Nigeria...Some things are better left unsaid.

This country is ours to rescue. If we do it,it is for our own good. And if we fail. we all perish collectively.
A word is enough for the wise.

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