Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Buhari, Palestine and Israel by Rexkennedy Saltlove.

As world leaders converge in the 72nd United Nations General Assembly, it afforded them the golden opportunity to speak their mind and convictions on burning issues, without the watering down of their words through diplomatic channels.
America and Israel as several other leaders spoke with passion about their Nation and her interests. And warn against any threats to their nations and nationhood. Strong messages were sent to North Korean as "rogue regime" and Iran as a global threat in an unequivocal term.
Buhari or Jubrin, was reading an unevocative academic write-up shouting "ISLAM is my religion, I will pursue it to the detriment of my Nation's interests" by canvassing for Palestinian State and persecution of Rohygan Muslims in Myanmar, while neglecting his human rights abuse and myopic dictatorial rule and the recession he engineered the nation into.

For the Discerning and mature Christians, it is of note that his support for a Palestinian state is a strong statement that he supports a people whose ONLY one goal is to see to the destruction of Israel as a nation and deny them their promised inheritance.

This is a man and government, gullible Christians who like visiting Israel, to add JP to their titles and claims root of their faith and want Abraham's blessings and God's miraculous deliverance of Israel to happen to them, openly canvassed and voted for, with an advance warning from Bosun and most of us.

God was using us to cry like John the baptizer in this "wilderness" called Nigeria to warn against Buhari, in particular, ascending this office. God was depending on the Christians and its leaders in Nigeria to stand up at a most critical time in end time calendar and agenda and stop the fury of hell that this man epitomises.

Now it is evident that Buhari is one agent of Satan prepared from the pit of hell to stand against God's people and his eternal plan for them. This shall fail.

God shall use the bases of each Nation relationship with Israel to judge nations-their leader and its people who played an active role in that leadership.

This is the #sacredtruth.

I am Rexkennedy Saltlove. I have priestly and royal blood flowing from mine ancestry and double assured of it as a royal priesthood in Christ. I have legal rights to offer sacrifices and make a royal decree. For where the word of a king is, there is power. To this end was I born and created: to stand on the side of God and eternal biblical Truth. I do not fear or care what mortal man can do either from the political or religious circle.

I decree as heavens regent, he that touches me while in mine divine mandate over the affairs of this Nation and God's eternal agenda as a watchman, shall pay with his/her life as Judas and his bishopric or office another shall take.

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