Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fair Enough by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren.

One notable similarity between Nigeria and Turkey is that the government control the media. Ordinary people with different views or who refuse to accept mediocrity as norm are seen as terrorist and silenced while the real terrorists, some government officials and politicians who milk the state dry, roam freely. 

The government say they spend N14,000 per day on each prisoner in Nigeria, budget billions of Naira yearly for the State House Clinic and still take the next available flight to UK or US to treat cough and cold because the Clinic has no paracetamol. This is not the time for deception. Nigeria is in recession. A society that spend so much on prisoners and so little on her law abiding citizens is unfair and cruel. And they are sending the wrong signal. It is telling the poor Nigerian that it is better to commit crime and then be thrown in luxury called prison than stay away from crime and be hungry.

The media does not have the right to investigate. In Nigeria, Investigative Journalism is practically dead. The Social Media has made Journalism so easy and interesting. From one end of your room, you can copy stories from millions of sites and paste them on your own. Hardly will you blame some of these people. The Journalist is ever having a gun pointed at him and the fear of death is a mountain to climb. Rather than risk their lives and be killed, they turn the other way and let the story go. A society that does not encourage investigative journalism will hardly b decent.  

In Nigeria, the few who dare to question the government are a tiny fly on the back of a horse. It is sad because you are not expected to ask questions. If you do, you are branded a terrorist and hunted down like a dog. 

In this age, even a fool is allowed to ask question. The wise and prudent will decide whether the question makes sense or not. It is dangerous to take a man's meal and his voice at the same time. You have already killed him. Nigerians must frown at any government that tries to take their voice.

If Buhari wins a re-election in 2019, we will have him for another four years. If he fails to win a second term, he will be gone like his predecessors. Unless there is a drastic turn around in the fortunes of Nigerians, he will be remembered for the promises that were never fulfilled.

We have had recession two times under the umbrella of President Buhari (1984 and 2016-2017). And this is not fair.

We have to renegotiate Nigeria and return power to the regions. That will be fair enough.

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