Sunday, October 22, 2017

Buhari is Fighting Corruption from the Front by Abdul Mahmud.

Babachir. Ikoyi Dollars. Baru/Kachikwu saga. Kyari MTN sleaze. Paris fund bailout theft. Illegal Recruitments. Ekiti-Fayemi N13b saga. Timipreye Sylva. Amaechi/Rivers/APC Campaign slush fund. Maina.

The list is calendar-long.

"Buhari is fighting corruption from the front".

Yes, he is, dear Buharists!

Have you taken your medication today? Try another sanatorium, perhaps a better-equipped psychiatrist can help you out of this illusion: "Buhari is fighting corruption".

Take Neurontin. 

Don't forget to swallow one tablet daily (after a meal).

It is an antipsychotic.

It will help your condition,
dear Buharists.

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