Saturday, July 15, 2017

On Biafra by Pere Omo'Lolu Omo Osifila

Writing and speaking for Biafra has pitched me against many of my friends here. But I want to ask what other option do you offer? If I have to choose between Biafra and Nigeria, I choose Biafra.What has Nigeria offered if not every day sorrow tears and blood,Poverty,drama,backwardness etc.

It will take a damaged psyche and a damaged sense of personal self worth to live in Nigeria and be satisfied with the situation of things.

It will take a crushed and defeated spirit or maybe a mentally unstable mind to believe that Nigeria as it is might be the best option for us.

We hope for a better day for ourselves and our children.Nigeria has proven that we can only keep Merry go rounding. Are we moving forward? We are only moving in circles! Biafra seems to be a ray of light in a very end of the tunnel where the light at the tunnel itself fails.

Biafra offers all the opportunity to once again get back our voices and speak.Biafra offers us the chance to start again afresh.The foundation of Nigeria is faulty.Even the Bible says if the foundation be destroyed good men become impotent and powerless. You may have great talents and great ideas and great visions but because the foundations of the Nigerian nation is faulty, your efforts is wasted and truncated.

Our youth are strong and intelligent but Nigeria incapacitates us.We are known and respected world over for individual feats and achievements but the nation is a joke and a laughing stock.

Biafra offers the Arewa nation a fresh start. See the Arewa people.Their elite lord it over them.Their elite class is rich and affluent but majority of the people are beggars.

Biafra offers the Odua people a fresh start.Odua people are well educated and intelligent. But Nigeria make a mockery of their potentials.

Biafra offers Igbo people salvation and life.Nigeria offers them death and nothing more. The enterprising nature of the Igbo man echoes loud over the heavens and the earth.Imagine how advanced these people would have been today if they gained independence 50 years ago?

Biafra represents hope for the common man. Only the elite class who profit from the illegal illegitimate entity called Nigeria would kick against such great potentials that Biafra offers and maybe their blind followers.
You hate Biafra because you don't understand what it truly stands for.

You say Biafra will fail because of this and that.These are mere assumptions. I say Nigeria is a failed state.It will take a gargantuan animal tendency to make Biafra fail.

You think Biafra stands for war.Biafra cannot cause a war except if Nigeria drags Biafra into a war.Biafra stands for hope. Biafra stands for freedom. Biafra stands for salvation of the common man.