Monday, August 14, 2017

Gospel Musicians in Nigeria and Money by Ben Jossy Olofu.

Gospel musicians can innovate, form a band, play at weddings and events, source for help, sponsorship, get a job, and go to a church that can afford them if they want to be a full time church musician.

God has had people in the music ministry before the invention of tape recorders, cds, and modern music platforms. Sell your song on cds, iTunes, Cdbay, mtn Plus, etc. Stop lazying about in the name of ministry.

Find out ways to make money. Don't rely on church offerings. The same goes for pastors. Jesus didn't need full time musicians to open the eyes of the blind and do other miracles. We don't need musicians on full time if we cannot appreciate them with a basic salary. Let them work and come to sing at their free time.

If you have a committed musician, help the person, pray for the person for favor and raise funds to help them do albums and some promo.


I have some famous musicians as my friends, I don't invite them to my church because we cannot take care of their logistics. Most of them don't charge. They only need logistics money for their band, their guitarists, bassists and others who work full time with them.

A gospel musician is a brand, and they need to make money to survive. On the other hand, a gospel music minister is not a brand. He is called to bless lives in the ministry. If you cannot afford them please don't invite them. If you can afford them, go ahead.

Every Gospel musician must work and fix their lives. God did not establish the church to pay you. Paul worked as an apostle, he bought his own food, paid his own rent and bought his own clothes.

Do not rely on hand outs to survive. Keep the fire burning by doing what is right. Not what you like.

Ben Jossy 

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